Asset and Land management software

Keep large-scale land access projects on track.

Manage all land and asset data & activities, develop fair & transparent acquisition processes and demonstrate compliance – from a single application.

  • Record all stakeholders, engagement activities & payments for institutional memory
  • Link all stakeholders & activities to assets for complete traceability
  • Map all stakeholders & assets to visualize affected individuals, at-risk zones and more
  • Prepare compliance and regulatory reports in just minutes
  • Protect confidential information by limiting access on a need-to-know basis

GAC Case Study

With so many mundane and repetitive tasks now being automated by Borealis, I have more time to devote to communities and to the agents on my team. Borealis software has enabled us to pick up the pace of work and meet the head office’s demands, all while earning the trust of communities.

Features that simplify your Land Access and Asset management

Let stakeholders easily file grievances or feedback online (anonymously or not) and stay informed on their status

Plan your meeting on the go with the mobile app and make sure you address the right issues and avoid being blindsided. 

Buffer Zone
Create a buffer zone around an asset to see who is impacted by your project and needs to be part of your engagement plan.
Implement a structured, transparent process to manage all information about land agreements in one place. Properly identify affected parcels and landowners to minimize oversights. Keep detailed records of negotiations, payment installments, and conditions for access to ensure that all commitments made are kept. (Add-on feature) 
  • GIS Mapping Borealis

Improve land project outcomes

with easy-to-use, purpose-built modules ready to be configured to your needs

Stakeholder engagement module block icone

Stakeholder Engagement

Be more informed, proactive and responsible when engaging with landowners and other affected stakeholders. Add other modules as needed to better manage your land and asset-based project.


Issue and complaint management

Improve grievance response and closing times.


Land Access

Keep land acquisition projects on time and on budget.

Environmental Monitoring

Understand and report environmental changes over time


Land Management

Link engagement plans and stakeholders to project assets and infrastructure.


Compliance Management

Simplify compliance with regulatory and other requirements.

Consolidate and analyze all your data to identify at-risk zones, develop transparent and fair compensation processes, and manage project impacts for on-schedule completion.

Use Borealis software to also improve
Stakeholder Engagement outcomes for

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Stakeholder Engagement Software to Assist Land Acquisition and Resettlement

Stakeholders Management and Mapping within Land Assets

Learn the keys to successful compensation

How stakeholder engagement software can streamline land acquisition and resettlement

Mapping and managing stakeholders in land asset projects

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