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Say goodbye to manual processes
- and questionable data

Plan and monitor all community engagement, manage social risks and resolve issues, disputes and grievances — from a single application. That’s what our community engagement software does for you.

Keep your stakeholder database fresh as you work from any device with our community engagement solutions.

  • Link issues, commitments and grievances to avoid oversights
  • Plan your engagement strategies, set KPIs, tasks, and workflows
  • Automatically assess stakeholders for influence and interest
  • Generate maps to monitor changes over time
  • Visualize the impacts of your community engagement strategy and make adjustments in real-time

Enmax Case Study

Learn how Enmax reached their goal by using our community engagement platform and land and assets management solutions.

Compared to other community engagement platforms, Borealis stands out with features that simplify your community engagement activities.

With our community engagement solution, you can record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook or Gmail with just a click. It’s easy. Keep your Outlook or Gmail messages organized in a centralized location. Import important information to Borealis without leaving your email environment, including categorizing sent mail and synchronizing meetings.
Let stakeholders easily file grievances or feedback online (anonymously or not) and stay informed on their status. It gives stakeholders an easy self-serve online platform for filing grievances or feedback on your project. It then automatically records all this information in our community engagement software for follow-up and resolution.
A project management tool specifically designed for stakeholder engagement teams. Determine your project assets and objectives – delegate team members to manage stakeholders, engagement activities and follow-ups. Monitor trends in real time to keep your progress on track. Do it all in one community engagement platform.
Your work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. You need a community engagement solution you can take on the go. Access and update your records in Borealis on the spot to minimize oversights and keep your stakeholder data up-to-date while the information is fresh. Scan business cards, attach photos to complaints, and enter voice recordings all on the go!
Reports and dashboards are essential for outlining your relationship with stakeholders and proving the value of your team’s work. Our community engagement software features an analytics tool that turns your untapped data into clear insights to help you make strategic decisions and better prioritize everyday activities.

Improve community
engagement outcomes

We’ve built our community engagement software with you in mind. Choose from several easy-to-use, purpose-built modules ready to be configured to your needs – modules that help us stand out from the other community engagement platforms.

Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Software

Borealis is an easy-to-use software that helps organizations be more informed, proactive, and responsive when engaging with stakeholders. It centralizes all data, making it instantly accessible from any location or device.


Issue and complaint management

Improve grievance response and closing times.


Land Access

Keep land acquisition projects on time and on budget.


Social Investment

Align social investments with strategic corporate objectives. 


Land Management

Link engagement plans and stakeholders to project assets and infrastructure.


Compliance Management

Simplify compliance with regulatory and other requirements.


Making your day-to-day tasks
easier to manage and track.

There is a lot of information to gather and manage. Spreadsheets and post-it notes are not going to work. With a digital solution, finding information and proving the value of your team’s work is more manageable. Thankfully, we’ve designed our community engagement software to manage community relations, simplifying your day-to-day tasks.
Here are some ways our community engagement solution helps you map and prioritize stakeholders, record and monitor all relevant data and analysis, and view insights and reports. It’s what sets us apart from other community engagement platforms.

Easily store, access, and edit stakeholder information

Centralize all your stakeholder information in one community engagement platform. Access detailed information for any stakeholder instantly. Update information quickly and get an overview of your stakeholder engagement.

Customer dashboards and automated reporting

Make the most of our data with visually-rich information customized to your needs.
Borealis highlight feature
Leveraging the power of AI, our community engagement software automatically highlights individuals and organizations for easy access to their information.
Geolocate your stakeholder information
See the locations of your stakeholders, issues, and infrastructures.

Choose a data entry method

You have a variety of data sources to use within our community engagement software. We make it easy to import information, including Excel, Office, Salesforce, and Twitter.

Stakeholders’ relationship network

Use our citizen engagement software to see how stakeholders are connected to each other. Create a network of stakeholders with easy access to a detailed list of communications for each one.


Prioritize key influencers and identify risks

  • Prioritize key influencers and stakeholder groups, identify risks, then connect your engagement plans to tasks and workflows.
  • Assess and map each stakeholder to identify key influencers, group stakeholders with similar profiles or in similar zones, and prioritize outreach.
  • Include social and environmental data in your assessment to get a comprehensive overview of risks and challenges.
  • Plan your engagement strategies, set KPIs, add tasks, workflows and team members; then easily assign tasks and track progress.
Analyze stakeholder changes
  • Analyze stakeholder sentiment, social and environmental changes over time and demonstrate compliance with international guidelines.
  • Analyze environmental and social risks at every project stage to ensure positive outcomes for communities and your project.
  • Visualize the evolution of stakeholder sentiment over time and adjust your engagement strategy.
  • Review social and environmental KPIs for compliance with lender requirements and international standards such as IFC, IPIECA, and ICMM.
  • Generate reports that meet Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) recommended guidelines.
Understand stakeholder needs
  • Engage in regular, open dialogue, and stay in touch with your stakeholders to understand their needs, establish inclusivity and create shared values.
  • Keep your stakeholder database fresh by automatically updating stakeholder profiles and adding new stakeholders, communication threads, and relevant documents as you work.
  • Customize your mailing lists and send personalized emails and letters to keep stakeholders informed.
  • Link issues, commitments, and grievances to a campaign or communication for easy monitoring and timely follow up.
  • Centralize records of your community engagement activities across project sites for easy review and reporting.

Use Borealis software to improve
Stakeholder Engagement outcomes for

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Deep dive into community engagement: what it is, why it’s essential, and how to create sustainable strategies that will help your organization develop more meaningful connections with external stakeholders of your projects.

Managing Community Relations, Simplified

As a Community Relations Manager, you have a lot on your plate, from managing your project’s budget to ensuring the smooth functioning of your department. On top of that, you must secure and maintain a good relationship between the company and the community. Thankfully, our citizen engagement software helps simplify the management of community relations activities for you and your team. Here are some of the critical aspects of engagement where our community engagement software supports your goals.
It is essential to involve Indigenous communities early in planning your projects. Safety, environmental stewardship, and cultural respect are necessary for your corporate responsibility and the project’s viability. Plan, manage, and follow through on your outreach to local Indigenous communities and ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship at all stages of your project – all through our public engagement software.
Over the past decades, stakeholders have increasingly insisted that organizations comply with international expectations and standards and act with environmental and climate protection at the forefront of their operations. With our citizen engagement software, you can ensure you communicate your corporate social responsibility efforts to your company’s stakeholders.
It is essential to take a proactive approach to community engagement. Define your stakeholder engagement plan and community outreach before the onset of your project – schedule meetings with local stakeholders to explain the project and its impacts, all within our public engagement software. Track feedback and insights and analyze risks to develop a communication strategy that will make stakeholders feel valued and taken seriously.
Through our community engagement platform, you can define a single point of contact to manage questions from the public and help manage your company’s relationship with the public. Track all communications and meetings with stakeholders, from government departments to community groups to media companies. Ensure that stakeholders feel listened to and that you address their concerns.
The reality is that stakeholders are rarely unanimous in their views. As you schedule public meetings in advance of your project and communicate the details and impact of the project locally, we give you a public engagement software solution to track that valuable information. Through our stakeholder management platform, you can track the minutes of these meetings and relevant information about stakeholders who voice their opinions.
Engagement is a two-way street. Track and manage stakeholders’ questions, issues, and complaints. With our community engagement software, you can outline your response plan and get issues to the right person in the company. This streamlined process allows for quick response times, a critical element for your project’s smooth operation.

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