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3 Ways to Establish Long-term Relations with Government Stakeholders

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Government relations management is fascinating, challenging and satisfying. Not to mention that you know that you can make a difference in your organization and industry. However it can often also be frustrating, time-consuming and difficult. But I’m pretty sure you’re not learning just now that establishing long-term relations with government stakeholders is no easy task! The political landscape is by nature meandering and unstable. Fortunately, there are 3 ways to establish relationships that can help you ease your job and keep frustrations to a minimum.

Be more efficient by monitoring and mapping government stakeholders

As a public affairs specialist, you probably meet a lot of people. And it’s quite a job to remember everything about everyone, especially given the fact that government representatives often change positions. Identifying and assessing your stakeholders is a key step in order to build good relations. Knowing who is linked and how stakeholders know each other is so useful. And with reason: failure to identify who weighs in the balance and who doesn’t could lead to wasting a lot of time. So how do you track all your stakeholder information? In today’s technological world, we could think that everyone digitizes mundane tasks like gathering data, but it’s a fact that most of the companies still work with Excel spreadsheets, emails or even paper. They may be afraid that technology will change the way they work. Sometimes, they don’t even know that dedicated software exists! The good news is nowadays you can count on software to help you monitor all your data without changing the way you process. Indeed, a good stakeholder engagement solution should be an enabler for your public affairs working process. Sharing relevant data with management and proving the value of your work is so much easier when you have this kind of software!

Quality is the key to successful relations with government stakeholders

Ensure data quality

You are probably attending many events and meeting new  influencers. The morning after, you need to capture all their information. You know how frustrating it is to rely on false data? Risk miscommunication is higher with manual data entry but you can easilyensure your data quality with a data validation system.

Data segregation for improved security

Some of the information you handle is really sensitive. Part of your job relies on trusted relationships. Don’t let bad security management ruin your reputation! You should only grant access on a need to know basis to stakeholder’s information and build data segregation between teams, business units, contractors, and partners.

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Enhance your stakeholder communications

Let’s paint a picture here. Yesterday was election night; new mayors have been elected in every city of your state. You want to reach out all new representatives simultaneously by email or letter to congratulate them. It’s important to personalize your communications and at the same time, to minimize manual work. The icing on the cake? Keeping track of all communications with stakeholders. You should be able to access all communications linked to an individual with one click in their stakeholder record, right?

Managing government relations implies that you are always on the move. There’s no traditional work schedule for you. Obviously, you want to  engage with important stakeholders no matter what are the time and location. Don’t settle for non-mobile-friendly stakeholder engagement software. Remember, your work should not be limited by, but enhanced by technology!

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