Introducing Boréalis Analytics

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Some of our users have expressed the desire for more customizable reports that can adapt to the changing needs of their business. Our clients wanted the flexibility to create their own reports to keep informed about the most granular facets of their sustainability preoccupations. In response, Boréalis embedded a new powerful layer of analytics to its set of features. Meet Boréalis Analytics.

See the Boréalis Analytics video

Boréalis-AnalyticsBoréalis Analytics allows users to create ad hoc reports from scratch to analyse highly granular data using custom and user-defined criteria. It provides a graphic and interactive interface to create reports and dashboard that seamlessly integrate across all BoréalisIMSTM modules.

Users like the fact that they can see high level metrics coming from any of the modules of the BoréalisIMSTM suite. Reporting with Boréalis Analytics spans the whole breath of your project and operations. You can easily pull reports on your grievance mechanisms, stakeholder relations or compensation and resettlements. Better yet, you can choose to compare and contrast your data to find out how they impact each other and help or hinder the success of your business objectives.

  • Access to all information stored on any of the modules.
  • Facilitates correlation between data collected on different modules
  • User defined custom reports
  • Tables graphs and pie charts as primary output
  • Data exported in Excel

Boréalis Analytics provides the flexibility users need to get insight on demand. It brings together all the data from the wide range of sources available through the BoréalisIMSTM and makes it accessible and easy to understand and build action on. The interface is intuitive, the data is accurate and to top it off, it comes with outstanding charts, graphs and data taps that translates your data into easily understandable chunks of information.  Boréalis Analytics makes it effortless to share valuable information with team members.

A powerful layer of analytics, with user generated reports created from scratch. Boréalis Analytics is just the right tool to help users measuring and understand the wide range of metrics involved in their sustainable activities.

Get started with Boréalis for your Stakeholder engagement software today!