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Boréalis today announced its recent partnership with Mexican company Grupo Atalaya, which is specialised in the analysis, prevention and mitigation of risks. This agreement supports Boréalis in its intent to extend its strategic partners network in Latin America.

Mexico has the highest population density among all Hispanic countries with an estimated 121 million inhabitants. The country also holds Latin America’s second largest economy, thus making it a strategic market for Boréalis and other Canadian companies.

There are three main industries with high potential:

Mining: Mexico is the most important silver producer in the world and also among the top 10 producers of other minerals (gold, lead, zinc, copper, salt, bismuth, fluorite, etc.). When it comes to exploration investments, it is the top destination in Latin America and ranks fourth in the world. Boréalis intends to develop its activities in this industry and already has a client in the area: mining company Fresnillo PLC.

Oil and gas: The 50-year monopoly of state company Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) – world’s third oil producer and the biggest in Latin America – over Mexico’s natural resources ended in 2015. Private investors can now bid on exploration blocks for oil and natural gas resources found in both shallow and deep-water. Boréalis follows closely the Mexican energy reform. Oil giant Chevron is already using its web-based application for its stakeholder engagement activities.

Renewable energy: Production of hydraulic, solar and wind power are also potential areas where Boréalis could work, as it has already worked with Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), an electricity-producing state company.

The combined expertise of Boréalis and Grupo Atalaya will not only benefit these industries, but also telecommunications, agribusiness and tourism. Through a partnership with a local partner, Boréalis will deepen its understanding of Mexico’s business culture. Boréalis’ software will complete Grupo Atalaya’s services for the identification, prevention and mitigation of social and environmental risks. Using this technology will mainly structure risk management processes.


Gustavo Mohar, Founder and CEO of Grupo Atalaya says: “We are happy to have Boréalis as a partner. This partnership will allow Mexican projects and companies to benefit from Boréalis’ experience on the international market and our experience in the analysis, prevention and mitigation of risks in Mexico.” Daniel Ehrlich, who is in charge of the Social Department at Grupo Atalaya, adds: “This alliance opens up a new market for us. Adding the Boréalis software to our portfolio of products and services is truly an added-value for our clients.”

For his part, Olivier Chaumont, Account Director for Latin America at Boréalis explains: “This partnership in Mexico is a strategic one for Boréalis. The Mexican market is a tough one but it has tremendous potential for us. We consider Grupo Atalaya as the missing piece of the equation to our local development.”

Organisations interested in Boréalis and/or Grupo Atalaya’s services can contact either representatives (Grupo Atalaya – Daniel Ehrlich or (Boréalis –

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Grupo Atalaya offers consultation services that help clients identify, prevent and mitigate security, social, environmental and political/electoral risks for a project’s staff, assets or operations.

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About Olivier Chaumont
Olivier is a manager, CSR practitioner and analyst with over 10 years’ experience in strategic planning & advisory, corporate sustainability, software implementation and business development. He’s been with Boréalis since 2008, where his strategic, managerial and analytical skills are key to the success of many international projects. His ability to lead teams across cultural boundaries guarantees the success of operations for infrastructure projects. Involved in endurance sports, Olivier is each year participating in several biking and backcountry skiing competitions in Canada and United States.