Christine Crowe is interviewed about stakeholder engagement by Insight Success

Christine Crowe’s interview about stakeholder engagement in Insights Success

Christine Crowe’s interview about stakeholder
engagement in Insights Success

In a recent issue, the editorial team of business magazine Insights Success sat down with Christine Crowe from our Business Development Office to look at how Boréalis software helps organizations around the world build trusted relationships with their key stakeholders and secure their social license to operate. Below are some highlights from that interview. Or you can read the full article.

Christine shares Boréalis’ vision for its stakeholder engagement software

Boréalis software gives organizations a single platform for managing all aspects of community engagement, public affairs, social & environmental performance, land access, and more. We help clients identify their needs, build and train teams, etc.

Our support team routinely travels to customers worldwide, working on-site with them to configure and implement the software as well as to provide any training and strategic expertise they may need.

We permanently invest in R&D and release about four software updates each year. Our clients are always working with the most advanced software out there. The product team continuously improves Boréalis’ software based on customer feedback.

We pride ourselves in helping corporations achieve their objectives through better stakeholder management. Whether it’s implementing a proactive stakeholder engagement plan, performing a materiality assessment for ESG related issues,  managing  grievances or monitoring regulatory compliance, Boréalis stakeholder engagement software can help.


See how ENMAX, a Canadian utility company, is using Boréalis stakeholder engagement software to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Pros and cons of social media communications with stakeholders

In the article, Christine also shares insights on the challenges of public participation and stakeholder engagement in the social media age, as well as strategies for tackling them.

Benefits of online stakeholder engagement

  • Logistically simple and cost effective
  • Easy to connect with stakeholders just about anywhere with an internet connection
  • Easy to connect with multiple stakeholder groups in different locations simultaneously
  • Ability to contact with otherwise hard-to-reach stakeholders

Drawbacks of online stakeholder engagement

  • Communicating sticky or complex issues online can be difficult
  • Lack of visual and verbal cues may lead to misinterpretation
  • Conversations can quickly escalate into verbal fistfights
  • People expect nearly instantaneous responses
  • Mass outreach can greatly increase the influx of communications, including irrelevant comments and grievances from non-project-affected persons
  • Increased chatter can overwhelm your team and steer resources away from key stakeholders.

A stakeholder engagement software adapted to different industries

Boréalis has a long and prolific relationship with leaders in the mining, oil and gas, energy and railway industries. We’ve also worked hard in the last 20 years to bring these hard-earned best practices and expertise to other industries such as renewables, agroforestry, consumer goods, real estate, government, and healthcare

Virtually all industries now face stiffer government regulations and increased demands for corporate accountability and transparency. The more your project depends on social  acceptance, the more vital it is to take a proactive and strategic approach to stakeholder engagement. Boréalis software is a powerful tool that allows you to do just that.

You have really shown me how the IT-solutions of the future look like and how a very well thought through solution service can revolutionize and speed up implementation and change management.”

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