By on July 3, 2015 - New Features

We’re improving the Boréalis application as you read this. Here’s an overview of the latest enhancements.

Hassle-Free Management of Duplicates

Creating stakeholders in the application can be done in many different ways, whether directly in the system, through Excel import, when creating a meeting entry, etc. It can happen that users create two entries for the same stakeholders or even misspell the stakeholder’s name, generating a duplicate entry.

Our application identifies potential duplicates based on name similarities and other factors like email, website, ID card number, birth date, etc. A notification warning pops up when looking at a potential duplicate.



You can merge or dismiss potential duplicates in a few clicks.

Import Custom Map Layers in the Application

Until now we would manually import custom layers upon customer request. With this new feature, you can easily import your own map layers in the application: any project-related item can be added to your map, in addition to stakeholders. Users can therefore better locate zones of risk, activities vs. stakeholders, etc.



We’re always looking for new ways to improve our application. We work hard to keep our product up-to-date with the latest technologies and features you like. Stay posted for our next features release!

About Carl Perreault
Carl is Team Leader of the Product Development team at Boréalis, which he joined in 2012 as a Developer. Before joining the company, Carl was developing software to improve productivity and processes, in addition to reduce costs of operations, for large companies in the pulp and paper industry. He’s been the President of the Executive Board of 2 local NGOs for the last 15 years. When he’s not brainstorming with his team on a breakthrough for new features on the Boréalis Application, Carl is a fervent fan of his daughters’ figure skating.