Boréalis Fall 2018 Release – Ready to Work Smarter?

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Fall is here for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which means a renewed return to productivity. To help you work more efficiently and effectively, our product development team has been hard at work in recent months preparing our fall 2018 release.

What will you find in this most recent version? For starters, an enriched user experience, along with an improved mail handler and other smart time-saving features.

Take a look:

Let the AI-driven mail handler do the heavy lifting

How’s this for intelligent stakeholder creation? In addition to automatically creating and updating stakeholder records for both individuals and organizations, the AI-driven mail handler now does the following automatically for you:

  • Grabs even more information from email signatures
  • Creates organizations and contacts – including positions, linking people to the right organizations and managing duplicates intuitively
  • Picks up traces of people added to the email, forwarded, etc., so you can capture every single relevant contact and organization
  • Identifies which profile to add information to in the event a contact has more than one role with one or more organizations

What this means to you: More accurate data for better results.

Search & create from any screen

The new interface lets you work from anywhere within the app:

  • Persistent create button (+) lets you create individuals, organizations, and communications from anywhere in the app. Best of all, you can configure this feature for how you want use it
  • Search tool still accessible from anywhere in the app
  • Headers now streamlined and more intuitive for easier navigation

What this means to you: Now you can work even faster.

Introducing intelligent selection lists

We’re excited to announce the release of our brand new intelligent selection lists, which make life a lot easier for those of you dealing with stakeholders who may wear different hats in different contexts.

  • Intelligent selection list automatically links individuals’ main position (when set) to any communication or grievance you’re in the process of creating
  • Selection list also lets you edit the individual’s position (if more than one)

What this means to you: More accurate information, right at your fingertips.

Improved identification of duplicate organizations

Duplicate data might not get as much attention as inaccurate data, but it can certainly bring its own share of trouble. Now duplicates won’t be so much of a problem.

  • Boréalis now better identifies potential duplicate organizations
  • New quick filter added to organizations lists to make it easier to single out duplicates

What this means to you: Cleaner data for more accurate reports and better communications.

Define & assess stakeholder influence more precisely

Not all stakeholders wield the same degree of influence. Now it’s easier to determine exactly where you should be investing your limited resources.

  • Now 12 axes (up from 8) to more precisely assess the influence and importance of stakeholders on your goals

What this means to you: More nuanced data for more targeted efforts.

Simpler reporting by location

New management of locations and addresses make it easier for you to locate stakeholders, in addition to offering new reporting possibilities in Analytics:
  • Improved Analytics: fields in addresses now become axes available for reporting (for example, by region)
What this means to you: Easier data management and better reporting. As always, these improvements have been created to help you work smarter so that you can achieve your goals in less time. To see more details about our fall 2018 release, visit our help center.

Get started with Boréalis for your Stakeholder engagement software today!