Boréalis Application + Google Integration = Happy Users

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We’re improving the Boréalis application as you read this. Here’s an overview of the latest enhancements.

Save Time Adding Stakeholders with Google Search Integration

Whether you are creating individuals, households or organisations in your stakeholder register, entering all the details can take a while (and we know how precious your time is!). Things are now a lot simpler with the integration of Google Search into our application.

As users begin typing the address of stakeholders Google results provides matches.



When you select the right address, all details automatically fill in and the stakeholder appears on the map.



Better User Experience with Integration of Google Maps

We’ve integrated Google Maps into our application for enhanced user experience. You’re now working with the maps you’re familiar with and can switch between map and earth views in just one click.





We’re always looking for new ways to improve our application. We work hard to keep our product up-to-date with the latest technologies and features you like. Stay posted for our next features release!


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