"Happy hour" Tuesday May 19, in Québec

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Three presentations are scheduled during a happy hour on May 19th in Québec:

  • Thierry Badard (Research group GeoSOA, Laval University) – GeoKettle, GeoMondrian and Spatialytics : An open-source tool for geospatial Business Intelligence.
  • Martin Fafard, GeoProjection Inc. – Managing and distributing snowmobile tracks in Quebec with Open-Source software.
  • Yves Moisan and Stéphane Guillemette from Boréalis and Julien-Samuel Lacroix (Mapgears):“Presentation of the OpenSafeMap project”. OpenSafeMap is a project developed in Quebec, which provides an architecture as well as access control and security components designed for Web-based applications in mapping that are based on Openlayers, MapFish, MapServer and FeatureServer tools. The proposed architecture model allows for a safe integration into a web gate or into the existing information system of a company.

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