HSBC International Business Awards 2012 won by Boréalis

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Magog (Québec), October 24, 2012 – Boréalis is proud to be designated laureate of an HSBC International Business Award on October 23rd during a special gala that was held in Toronto. The firm has won the prestigious “International Business of the Year”, in recognition of its excellence as a SME which has managed to stand out within its niche business sector in global markets.

As an international leader in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Performance management, Boréalis is collecting honours, also making the coveted PROFIT 200 list earlier this year. “Our entreprise distinguishes itself not only through its ability to innovate and its presence in foreign markets, but particularly due to its genuine commitment to improving relationships between businesses and communities”, has declared Boréalis’ President Jules Paquette.

“HSBC Bank Canada is very proud to celebrate [the accomplishments of Canada’s small and medium enterprises] internationally,” said Linda Seymour, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Banking and Regional President, Central and Eastern Canada, HSBC Bank Canada. “Borealis embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and opportunity in global business, and we are thrilled to be able to honour them for their hard work and success.”

Boréalis’ promise to “develop sustainability on a human scale” appeals to an increasing number of companies looking to distinstinguish themselves. “This recent recognition encourages us to continue on the path to innovation”, said Jules Paquette.


Congratulations to everyone!


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SOURCE: Boréalis

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