5 Ways to Improve How You Work with Boréalis in 2019

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2018 is almost over and at this time of year, we often find ourselves looking back at what we could have done better during the last 12 months, or what resolutions we will be taking in the upcoming year to become the very best versions of ourselves. I don’t want to sound like a philosopher here, but the New Year always seems to be a time for reflection, improvements and self-goals. Following-up on my recent article about campaigns, I want you to continue to improve how you use our application and help you save time, so that you have some left to snack on candy canes and eggnog. But more seriously, I want you to be happy with what you achieve and make some space for new goals!


We all want to start the year being motivated and confident. So today, I’m introducing 5 ways to boost your confidence and give an extra spark to your work. While these are quite simple tasks that you can accomplish rather quickly, they’ll will give you an edge in using Boréalis and will transform how you work with our stakeholder engagement software.


#1: Identify a key group of stakeholders

You probably talk to a lot of stakeholders on a daily basis, but when you think about it,  are there some that might be forgotten? Target stakeholders that have an interest in a specific subject matter and reach out to them. This could help you learn a thing or two about the communities, or some issues you did not even know existed. Make sure people feel like they are being heard. And always remember that they can become great advocates for your project.

What is your stakeholders' opinion

Using a list of communications or participants in a campaign, identify the communities or other stakeholders that did not have a chance to express their opinion. Then, help them amplify their voices.


#2: Prepare your to-do list for next year

We’re all pretty excited to spend time with our families and to not think about work for a little bit. However, getting back to work after the holidays can be tough. If you want to give yourself a gift that will help you quickly get back into it for the beginning of the new year, prepare a list of tasks just before you leave on vacation.


In Boréalis, you have the possibility to create tasks and assign them to yourself or your team members. You can also prioritize them, so that when you get back from the break you know exactly where to start off. If you want to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, use our task manager to note everything you wish to get done. You know, all the things you should do, but never really have the time to get to. At least you’ll have a complete list and will be able to check them off one at a time when you get a chance to get to them. What makes the using tasks in Boréalis great? Your to-do list is always accessible in a single click and appears in your personalized dashboard in the home page, which means you never lose sight of what’s coming.


#3: Link your Boréalis calendars to Outlook, Gmail or Apple

Be informed of team meetings and events with stakeholders in real-time: integrate Boréalis calendars to your current email calendar. You can even use them as shared calendars between teams. The calendar is very helpful if you wish to follow closely a specific initiative, like for example your newsletter, a particular campaign, or a timely project.


To use this feature, you’ll need to begin by creating the calendar in Boréalis, and then send the link to your colleagues so it syncs with their mailboxes. For more information on how to use the calendar tool, access this helpdesk article.


#4: Schedule automatic reports

In the same line of thought as tips #2 and #3, you can set-up automatic reports that the application will send according to your predetermined settings, like every month, week, etc. Let Boréalis do the data thinking for you and use automatic reports to meet your planning requirements, including: which stakeholders you need to contact, lists of upcoming and overdue tasks, and calendars of upcoming events. You can even schedule reports for other users, so you make sure your entire team is on the same page with up to date information.

Hot topics by feedback

You can also review the number of communications or grievances you get in a week. Or identify sensitive matters among communities where you operate. Possibilities are as endless as your reporting dreams are. Reach out to us if you’d like assistance in creating custom reports or to schedule automatic reports for your team.


#5: Identify your superstar users

Use the strength of your users to the benefit of your team. Identify one or two individuals who are using the Boréalis application on a daily basis, or who have been using it for a long time. These users become great resources for your entire team: they might have some great tips and tricks of their own that other users don’t know about, and that they could make great use of.


This person can help train other users by sharing his/her knowledge of the software. This will save time and reduce training costs within your organization. Plus, it’ll ease the capacity building of new staff and align your team on the same best practices and processes. I’d even recommend investing more in this person: make them your Boréalis superstar! And why not schedule a personalized training session for them with us: we have many tricks up our sleeves too, and we’ll be happy to share them.


Well, this is it! We’ve come to the end of my recommendations for you before you head out to a family party to stuff your face with turkey. Or maybe with prawns on the barbie if you’re down under 😉 While I believe these tips are a great starting point, I also encourage you to come up with your own list if you have ideas. Just think of 1 simple thing you want to do differently with Boréalis in the new year. And if you need assistance, we’re always happy to support your efforts! We’d also love to hear about your tips if you’re willing to share them, or even to help you get ideas out of your head and put them into practice.

Get started with Boréalis for your Stakeholder engagement software today!