Creating Long-Term Business Value in the Middle East: Meet our Local Partner CapacityLive

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For over 10 years we’ve been working closely with clients to help them manage the various risks linked to their operations and projects around the world. We’ve been able to develop an international expertise that applies to specific communities, wherever they might be. The key to our success? Teaming up with local partners who truly understand these communities, their needs, their culture, and more.

Lately we’ve been focusing a lot on Latin America, where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and accountability are becoming increasingly of interest to people. Today, we’re happy to introduce CapacityLive, our partner in the Middle East, more specifically in Kurdistan, Iraq.

CapacityLive is a consultancy firm with over 6 years’ experience working with oil & gas companies, helping them maintain their social license to operate through good practices. Numerous factors like a complex history and geopolitical factors make Kurdistan’s situation particular. International companies operating there must communicate effectively with their stakeholders if they want to avoid project delays and keep social acceptance.

CapacityLive helps companies establish successful CSR programs through clear processes and a systematic approach. Each situation has specific interactions as community relations are not static and community affairs department must adapt accordingly.

The collaboration of Boréalis and CapacityLive brings together an international expertise with a deep understanding of local issues, concerns and risks. “The Boréalis application is a great added value to our services,” says Jotiar Ziad, Managing Director at CapacityLive, “It provides our clients with a central database for all their CSR engagement activities and makes reporting a lot simpler.”

“Having a partner in the Middle East is very strategic for us as it is an important region for oil & gas projects,” adds Patrick Grégoire, President at Boréalis. “CapacityLive understands well the culture, history and people of this area and I believe our partnership will truly benefit both corporations and communities.”

About Boréalis

Boréalis offers industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Simpler communication with stakeholders is at the core of our product. The expertise we built into our solution equips decision-makers so they can measure, analyse, report, and take appropriate actions to follow-up on commitments and prevent crisis. Boréalis has a growing international client base of over 100 organisations that are now successfully managing their projects and increasing profits.

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About CapacityLive

CapacityLive provides strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Workforce Development for the Kurdistan Oil and Gas Industry. Locally based and registered Consultancy Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with 6 years of Oil & Gas CSR experience. Our approach is to utilize proactive stakeholder engagement to enable the continuation and success of operations.

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