Boréalis Joins Forces with Nexos to Develop Its Business in Chile

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Boréalis is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nexos, a Chilean company based in Santiago. The two companies intend to collaborate on numerous projects in the area, more specifically for extractive, renewable energies and infrastructure projects. This partnership solidifies Boréalis’ current business development strategy to extend its expertise to new markets in specific targeted regions such as Chile.

For over 20 years Nexos has been offering corporate communications and corporate social responsibility (CSR) services for various business fields like energy, extraction, infrastructure, industrial, pharmaceutical, automobile, etc. Its services are divided into 3 axes: communications, public affairs and community and social conext, the latter which Boréalis’ application is complimentary to through the operationalisation of CSR strategies with its information management system.

Nexos’ broad knowledge of the Chilean market and its collaboration with diverse projects of the area will allow Boréalis to enhance the expertise it built working on international projects over the past 10 years.

Pablo Orrego, Managing Director at Nexos: “Many projects in Chile will benefit from our alliance with Boréalis, thanks to its international and IT expertise in addition to our understanding of local trends.”

“Each new partner to our growing network of affiliates reinforces our positioning in specific areas and Nexos is a valuable partner for Chile and its surroundings,” says Olivier Chaumont, Account Director at Boréalis. “We believe that both projects and communities will greatly benefit from the application and services we have to offer.”

“Corporations are accountable for their actions and communities demand to be informed of the impacts linked to the operations of nearby projects,” adds Juan Pablo Gandara, Corporate Executive for NexoSocial. “With our thorough understanding of the region’s issues and Boréalis’ experience, we will quickly generate measureable results.”

Businesses interested in either the services or the application can contact Nexos in Chile ( or Boréalis (

Juan Pablo Gandara and Pablo Orrego (Nexos), and Olivier Chaumont (Boréalis)

About Boréalis

Boréalis offers industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Simpler communication with stakeholders is at the core of our product. The expertise we built into our solution equips decision-makers so they can measure, analyse, report, and take appropriate actions to follow-up on commitments and prevent crisis. Boréalis has a growing international client base of over 100 organisations that are now successfully managing their projects and increasing profits.

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About Nexos

Nexos is a Chilean firm known for its quality work in various business areas that count over 20 years’ experience, 47 professionals and nearly 50 permanent clients. From the extractive to automobile, and all the way to food industries, the company has a wide variety of clients spread across Chile. It services are divided into 3 axes: communications (corporate identity and crisis management), public stakes (socio-political analysis) and social context (community relations strategy and environmental management).

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