Partnership of Boréalis and the Research Chair of UQAM

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Boreal-Information Strategies (Boréalis), a business working in Social Responsibility and Environmental Performance fields, is proud to announce a partnership with the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Research Chair of Sciences of Management (ESG) of UQAM.

Formalized during the ceremony of recognition of donations to the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Research Chair held on June 7, the annual gift of $30,000 from Boréalis for the next 5 years demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development.

“While contributing to innovation in the areas of Social and Environmental Responsibility, A partnership was created between the two parties.” Boréalis will share its experience andexpertise internationally, essential to the realization of major infrastructure project., the partnership will offer us opportunities for continuing education as part of research projects and interns within the company.”, stated Mr Jules Paquette, President of Boréalis.

“We are very proud to begin a partnership with Boréalis.”, said Chairholder Corinne Gendron. “Not only because we share common values, but also, and above all, because Boréalis is a genuine source of inspiration. Its positioning as a business working for Social and Environmental for multinational oil and mining sectors opens the way to new practices of social responsibility that, we hope, will be able to inspire businesses of today and tomorrow.  “We consider this new collaboration as a preferred mean to share and to learn one from another in order to improve our practices and our knowledge.”

For the Chair, it will be a great opportunity to deepen our understanding of Social Responsibility and of the challenges faced by responsible companies. For Boréalis, this will be the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise and our know-how. We are very pleased.”

Specific management tools developed for Social Responsability by Boréalis could help in the trainings. The solution provides an instant view of all risks associated with land management and stakeholders, management of negotiations, compensation, local employment, community investment, monitoring and environmental compliance.

This enables business managers to supervise every stage of the development of a project, the allocation of resources and decision-making, which includes disclosure of quality information to the stakeholders.

The great complementarity between Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development research Chair projects and Boréalis offers numerous opportunities for knowledge sharing.

About Boréalis
Founded in 2004, Boreal-Information Strategies (Boréalis) offers a comprehensive solution to optimize its customer’s business processes to ensure the follow-up and the implementation of their commitments to sustainable development and social responsibility (CSR). Boréalis is world-renowned for delivering one of the best management practices of the social and environmental impacts in major international infrastructure projects, such as are found in the mining, oil and gas industries.

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