A Second Partnership for Boréalis in Chile: Introducing New Partner Presencia Local

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Boréalis is happy to announce its most recent partnership with Chilean firm Presencia Local. This second association in the area confirms Boréalis’ desire to further expand its business in Latin America. The two organisations are joining forces to cater to the needs of various industries: mining, renewable energy, infrastructure, food processing, etc. Presencia Local’s diversified client base will generate new opportunities for Boréalis, more specifically around indigenous issues the country is facing.

Presencia Local is a specialised firm working on three different levels: social due diligence, indigenous people, and social networks. Its community relations activities focus on integrating the “creation of shared value” (CSV) to business strategies for territory and conflict management through the promotion of dialogue. Presencia Local’s work with indigenous communities includes surveying and identification of community and cultural sites, consultation process and compliance to ILO Convention 169 and other national regulations. The communication activities of the Santiago-based firm focus on local broadcasting strategies, building networks and training of spokespeople.

Both Boréalis and Presencia Local representatives expressed great excitement to begin their work together tackling the Chilean market. The combination of services with the Boréalis application will offer clients the best of both worlds: Presencia Local’s understanding of local issues and Boréalis’ expertise working with extractive projects.

“Creating Shared Value is at the core of our business vision and strategies,” says Matias Abogabir, Founder of Presencia Local, “and we’re thrilled to combine our approach to Boréalis’ application.”

Olivier Chaumont, Account Director at Boréalis: “We’ve been working with projects that are close to or affecting indigenous communities for many years. We’ve always found that pairing with organisations that comprehend the breadth of their culture, values and beliefs helps carrying out operations in respect of these communities.”

About Boréalis

Boréalis offers industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Simpler communication with stakeholders is at the core of our product. The expertise we built into our solution equips decision-makers so they can measure, analyse, report, and take appropriate actions to follow-up on commitments and prevent crisis. Boréalis has a growing international client base of over 100 organisations that are now successfully managing their projects and increasing profits.

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About Presencia Local

Presencia Local is a consulting firm specialized in what is commonly known as “Community Relations”.  Its team includes outstanding professionals, leaders in the design, execution and evaluation of dialogue processes, conflict resolution and the creation and implementation of Shared Value Strategies (CSV). The members of the team have a deep understanding of community matters, social development and indigenous peoples. In this context, Presencia Local sets the goal of creating relationships based on trust between companies and communities, key element to design and develop sustainable investments.  Presencia Local has collaborated with companies from both extractive and non-extractive industries, such as energy and mining, developing social and territorial diagnoses and Due Diligences; Stakeholder Mapping; Social and environmental Intervention strategies; participation processes; Indigenous Consultation and strategic assessment on the implementation of the ILO 169 Convention.

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