Ready, Set, Report! Here Are Some New Features for You

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Great projects mean tremendous amounts of data. But lots of data doesn’t automatically equal complex reporting. On the contrary, it shouldn’t. Over our many years working closely with clients, we’ve noticed that many of them either couldn’t make the most of their data, or simply had no idea of the potential it had. Well, that was before we unleashed the power of our Analytics tool! Users got a first taste of its potential last fall with the release of 10 new types of graphic to better analyze their data. But that was just the beginning of the Analytics makeover.

New dashboards and other improvements

Graphics provide for a great visual interpretation of data. They allow users to pinpoint a situation at a moment’s notice. Dashboards are even better: they’re a collection of key graphics for an in-depth analysis of numerous thresholds all at once. In addition to enhancing our existing dashboards (Stakeholder Engagement and Compliance Management), we’ve added 2 additional ready-to-use dashboards.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Quality Control to make sure data entered into the system meets the quality standards users need for accurate monitoring of KPIs.
  • Compensation Dashboard to monitor processes linked to land access activities, including budget and processes.
Stakeholder engagement dashoard
A sneak peek of the improved Stakeholder Engagement Dashboard.

Hello Alberta, it’s me, Report on Consultations (ROC)

Our clients are spread out across the world and every area has some specific sets of rules and requirements. One we’ve recently had a request for is the Report on Consultations, a required report for companies that hold consultations with First Nations. Users can now produce the draft log and bi-monthly report for their ROC directly in the Boréalis Application.

To learn more about ROC, here’s a guide: Government of Alberta’s Proponent Guide to First Nations Consultation Procedures for Land Dispositions

In 2016, the world is going mobile, and so are we!

It’s no secret to marketing professionals (or anyone who’s in the business world for that matter), the world has gone mobile! To give you a few metrics for 2015: 80% of internet users owned a smartphone, global mobile data traffic grew by 74% and mobile usage is growing fastest in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Google also announced that sites that are not mobile-friendly would see their indexation penalized, as poor user experience is a no go.

Even though Google doesn’t index our web application, good user experience is among the top priorities for our product. Plus keeping up with UX UI trends is important to us. Users of the Boréalis app who are on the go and need to access it with a smartphone or tablet have a seamless experience that is optimized for the device and browser they’re using.

Better user experience on mobile

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our application. We work hard to keep our product up-to-date with the latest technologies and features you like. Stay posted for our next features release!



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