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Boréalis Summer 2018 Release – Stakeholder Management Evolution

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With July in full bloom, it’s now official that summer is here to stay. Well at least for the coming weeks in our part of the world! Also sizzling: Stakeholder engagement and management are reaching new levels of importance within many global organizations, and we are feeling that momentum here at Boréalis. Over the last months and since our last product release, we’ve been working hard to come up with some great innovations for you. Here’s what’s coming fresh out of the Summer oven.


Thanks to our experts’ deep field experience, we know just what it takes to manage stakeholder engagement programs during critical times across multiple industries. We collaborate with our customers, listen to their challenges, and then work hard to create and enhance functionalities that will make their programs more effective, efficient and successful. With our Summer 2018 Release, we’re bringing something to market that is new to the industry, highly necessary, and will help to ensure stakeholder engagement program success: Engagement Planning with workflow – beta.  And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!


Connecting strategy to execution: meet our new Stakeholder Engagement Planning functionality

This is very exciting: we just released the beta version of Engagement Planning with workflows. So you can make sure that your strategy is linked with your tasks and workflows. This ability to link strategy to execution is critical to the success of any stakeholder management project or program.


Until now, teams would develop strategies, present them and then store them. Maybe they were pinned on a wall. There was just no way to link the strategic plan to the workflow itself, other than periodically reviewing KPIs.  Why does this matter?  It’s important to keep the “why” visible when your team is doing the “what.”


That’s empowerment, so everyone can be motivated and informed to make the right decisions to achieve your goals. With the stakeholder engagement plan linked with tasks and workflows, teams can know why, what, and how – they can do the work right in the task. Tracking progress toward goals (and easily sharing that) also helps keep programs on track.


Even more exciting: we’re currently enrolling beta testers to help us make this new feature bulletproof. Interested in joining a select group of high-performers testing out Boréalis Engagement Planning? We’re accepting a limited number through July, so let us know if you want to beta test the Engagement Planning feature.


For all users: don’t worry about having to wait too long to get this new feature. We’re planning a general release this fall.


The Boréalis Engagement Planning functionality is designed to facilitate work towards always visible strategic goals translated into tactical plans, with team members fully informed, empowered and able to make decisions — so they’ll spend less time fighting fires and more time building trust with key constituents.


Also in the Summer 2018 Release:

Stakeholder assessment enhancements

We’re excited to let you know that Stakeholder Assessment (including stakeholder mapping), an industry standard assessment functionality  – is now even better and more flexible. It now transfers data from an organization’s assessment to its members, which means organizations’ assessments also help calculating individual stakeholders’ criticality.


Don’t search for a needle in a haystack: informative and easy lists give you what you’re looking for

Our new quick filters let users easily segregate records while looking at a list, instead of applying search criteria to access desired results.

Quick filters

It’s now easier to identify records that have attached documents and a location. Furthermore, we trimmed all the excess data that appeared in lists so that in addition to easily find what you’re looking for, it’s (a lot!) easier on the eyes.

Identification of potential duplicates is a key tool to help our users ensure the quality and consistency of their data. Users can now access duplicates management right from the list they’re viewing.

Mail handler update – now automatically appends existing data

Clients told us they loved the automatic creation of records from emails, and now it even checks existing records and appends it with any missing data that appears in an email. Now that’s a tremendous time saver that ensures the consistency of your stakeholder database!


Plan trips to meet your stakeholders, starting from Boréalis

Ever wonder how long it will take to get to a stakeholder meeting, at their location? Well, planning your trips now starts directly in Boréalis. See how it works here:

As you can see, our team’s working hard to make sure your work is becoming easier and more effective every day. Want to learn more about our Summer product release? Visit our help center.

Get started with Boréalis for your Stakeholder engagement software today!