Welcome to the Borealis blog!

On our blog, you will find information on our specialized sustainability solutions and our fields of expertise that include corporate social responsibility and environmental performance management. Industry facts, project updates, best practices, innovative ideas as well as technologies to improve corporate performance in the area of sustainability.

The mining and oil & gas industries have been going through a transformation in the last few years in this area as multiple policies and guidelines published by financing institutions, governments and international agencies are appearing and rapidly becoming standards that must be followed. NGOs, the media as well as shareholders are now much more active in influencing corporate policies, investment decisions but also on the ground operations towards an increased accountability in with regards to social and environmental impacts.

Our solutions and services are there to support the transition and help the industry adapt to this new vision of sustainability. Our blog will provide insights on the changing industry and how information technology is offering solutions to facilitate on the ground improvements.

We hope you find some interesting ideas and that you will give us your feedback and also share some of your experiences while you are here.