The Boréalis 2012 Conference

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The Boréalis 2012 Conference is now behind us. That doesn’t mean the lessons learned and all of the discussions and presentation are forgotten.

During two days, participants shared their experience from the field and the boardroom on a variety of topics with honesty and frankness.

We had asked to our panelists to tackle a few questions during the workshops, and here are, in no particular order some thoughts shared with the participants.

On the social licence to operate

  • Legal requirements are important but if a company does not have social backing, it will not work;
  • Might not be obvious when you have the social licence to operate, but you definitely know when you lose it and it is hard to get it back.

On tracking progress against performance standards

  • If you can’t track your compliance, all of your efforts might be worth nothing.

On how good data management provides structure to CSR programs

  • Good data management is important to co-exists with communities;
  • Keep lessons learned on data management practices (avoiding mistakes of the past);
  • Once you are dedicated to the people they will hold you accountable to it;
  • It provides early warning signs;
  • It enhances decision making and improves the perception of the company.

On collecting and using data to drive social performances:

  • Identify issues before they become problems;
  • If you promise something it will allow you to follow-up on it.

In the case of grievance management, it should provide

  • Accountability;
  • Predictability;
  • Feedback.

Some ideas for better stakeholder engagement

  • Use same format as safety share but engage employees in community talk;
  • No evidence that CSR generates sustainable development;
  • Communities set the agenda;
  • Recognize there will be issues. Prepare, try to get it right;
  • Keep a long term view;
  • Active listening;
  • Seek partnerships (within the community, NGOs, etc.);
  • Consider employees as ambassadors ;
  • Put social perspective into engineering design;
  • Social performance is larger than CSR;
  • Engagement should start at the very beginning of the project (exploration).

The conference was also an opportunity to showcase the new evolution of our BoréalisIMS. It is faster, slicker and enhances user experience. Ask us, to take a tour!

If you have missed this year’s event, stay tuned to find out when and where the Boréalis 2013 conference will be. Hope you can make it!

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