Tips and Tricks to Save Time with Batch Imports with Excel

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Last May, I started this blog series by showcasing how our super team can help you and what services we put forward to do so. Today, I’d like to talk less about our team’s activities and focus on tips to boost your efficiency and improve data management. All of which you can do on your own! Best part is: they’re easy to put into practice, right from your Boréalis Application.


These tips are simple ways to use the platform that can speed up your activities, or reduce the time you spend entering data into the application. With no further due, let me introduce to you our Excel import templates! This option has been around for quite some time now and it deserves its own article because it has proven its efficiency on numerous occasions, in addition to saving the day many times.


How does the Excel import work?

Just to make sure you don’t forget anything, we provide the various Excel templates directly in the application. These can be used to bulk upload data into the application. Simply download the template, which you’ll find in various sections, like Individuals, Communications, Organizations or Samples. When there is a template available (which is for most registers), you’ll always find it in the same place.


Let’s say you need to use the Excel import template right now. Go to the section where you need to do a bulk import, click on Tools in the top right corner of your screen and click on Import Excel.


Import Excel in App


This is where you’ll be able to download the template. Just a little head’s up here: templates change depending on which section your download them. Why? To match the various forms in the application. While some fields are relevant for an individual’s record, they might be of no use for a communication’s record. Makes sense?


Import Template download


Once you’ve downloaded the Excel template, simply fill the relevant information (not every column needs to be filled), save it and import it. Tadaaa, you now have new records that were automatically created into the application, without having to add each one manually.


Excel template


Pssst. you may encounter importation errors on your first try. Don’t worry, it even happens to the best of us from time to time. If that happens, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through it.


When should I use the Excel import tool?


As we’ve seen, the Excel templates are efficient time-savers when you have a lot of data to import. They also allow you to enter data quickly, in a standard format, without having to go into the Boréalis application every time. For instance, if for some reason your internet connection is really bad (or non-existent at the time being) you can always enter the information into the template to then upload it.


A use case we’ve seen is listing all the meetings/events/phone calls a person had this week (or this month), and import them as Communications into the application all at the same time.


Time saving tip: when meeting a new organization or group of key stakeholders, note all their names, contact information and job positions in the Excel template, and then upload them in one shot into Boréalis. Bam! You just created dozens of records in a few seconds.


The same applies to samples from environmental monitoring programs: such programs quickly generate lots of data. Give the Excel template to your team working on site, so rather than saving the data in a random file, they start registering the information in a Boréalis standard format. When the moment comes to import it all, it will be so much easier. Plus, you’ll save lots of time.


The perk: you’ll improve your efficiency


This way of working with data allows you to save time by dividing tasks (data gathering, data import, data analysis), while it also streamlines your work with one standard format to work with. You can even register all of your weekly activities, and then have someone else responsible to do the data import.


Plus, in our line of work, everyone knows how to use Excel. Well at least a little bit. This makes it really easy to integrate the templates into your team’s daily routine, without needing too much training associated with it.


And if you’re overwhelmed and currently don’t have time to import your data, then just send an email our way. Who knows, maybe we can do it for you if asked nicely 😉


Do you have any questions about the Excel import tool? Drop us a line at or visit our help center

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