Welcome to Our New Customer Experience

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I’d like to begin by introducing myself first: I’m Laura, a proud member of the Customer Care team. It will be my pleasure to explain with this blog series how we aim to improve your overall experience with our application and why our services are so appreciated by our customers.

From now on, you’ll find a new series of articles on our blog that are built for and dedicated to our customers. In every article, I’ll suggest some tips to make your work easier and more impactful. For instance, in June, you’ll discover and learn how to navigate in our freshly revamped online Helpcenter and in July, I’ll share tips to simplify data imports with Excel. Stay tuned!

But first, let’s talk about my team!

Get to know our customer care team

Based in the Magog office in Quebec, Canada, we provide services in French, English and Spanish. Canada is a bilingual country with French and English as the two official languages. To cater to the needs of clients in Latin America and Europe, our team also counts Spanish-speaking members. In my case, I’m not 100% fluent in Spanish quite yet, but it’s a work in progress!

We’re a small-scale (but very efficient!) team, which is part of a bigger company. This means you will often speak with the same person or someone who knows your project specificities. And since we’re all sitting next to each other, information travels fast between us!


This proximity allows us to develop a close relationship with the customers and to get to know your challenges.

We are also surrounded by other colleagues and departments (sales and product development), with different backgrounds and experiences.

We do not hesitate to ask their support in order to provide answers faster and to help you move forward with your project.

What we offer is a human service with a broad savoir-faire.

Our approach: we elaborate solutions together

Using standard software to manage your specific activities can sometimes make you think: “I need another field here because there is not any field that applies to my situation.” Yes, we know, it happens. And every so often, it is true. However, what we really want to know is why do you need this field? What is it you are trying to achieve in the end?

This means we may not provide you with your request right away. But there’s a good reason for that! First, we will go deeper to find out your needs. Even if it can seem obvious at the time, the solution might not always be the one in front of you: quick fixes don’t always solve the rooted issue you thought you had. We take the time to ask follow-up questions and make sure to clarify requests. We want to elaborate solutions together.

We might just end up with something that does more for your business!

In order to understand your situation and to get a grasp of the challenges you are facing, we also offer the possibility to come join you on-site. It’s always a pleasure to travel to your office and to help you get the most of the software. We just happen to be really nice people with great experience traveling around the world. To name just a few, we’ve already visited clients in many countries like Australia, Guinea, New Caledonia, Mexico and Finland.

Look at this photo of one of our colleague working really hard in Kenya.



Final words: we want to know more about you!

I encourage you to contact us and experience our Customer Care for yourself. If you send us an email (helpdesk@boreal-is.comor call us (+1 819 481-1371), a member of the Customer Care team will happily answer your request.

Our guarantee? You will never receive any pre-written, automated messages from us: we deal with each request individually. We encourage you to trust the human approach, our experience, and the fact that our overall good ratings exceed 95%.

And finally, we really want to know more about you and your business, as we can all grow wiser from it. See you next time!


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