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What’s New in Boréalis – Product Release

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During this past snowy winter, we’ve been busy making a bunch of improvements to our software.

Here’s a peek at a few of the changes and newest features.

Introducing Smart communications

Are you looking for a tool that will ensure you target the right stakeholders, reduce manual work (and mistakes), and increase the success of your engagement plan? Boréalis smart communications are the right tool for you! This new powerful tool is perfect for the ones that need to reach out to numerous stakeholders simultaneously, either by email or with more traditional medium like letters. With Smart communications, you can:

  • Build custom smart mailing lists
  • Configure your content and templates
  • Ensure your message is consistent
  • Keep track of the open rates

Access more information about Smart communications here!

Great improvements to our Analytics module

Need to know if you’re meeting your targets? With our new threshold option, you could monitor the number of grievances your team receives every month: if your team targets 15 days’ resolution time, a line could be added to their grievance widget at that mark so you can measure their performance:

New Boréalis average grievance resolution time

Users can add as many labels as they’d like to customize reports. Create sections for grievances, communications, hot topics, or any other metrics you want to keep an eye on!

New options for reports are now available in your homepage dashboard. We’ve added all the same options existing directly in Analytics.

Easily update required fields for your team

The basic forms in the various modules of Boréalis have been built to meet the broad needs of as many clients as possible. But in some cases, our clients like to choose for themselves which fields are required and which fields should appear in their users’ forms.

Need to make a field required for your users? You can do so directly from each form in the application.

Please note that this functionality is only available for super-users.

Continuous improvements to your interface

Keeping our commitment to make your application more user-friendly and intuitive, we have made a couple improvements to the interface, including a new login page and useful colours in your lists.

general atmosphere boreal software

Want to learn more about this product release? Please visit our helpdesk.

Get started with Boréalis for your Stakeholder engagement software today!