May 22-25 2023
New Orleans, LA

Why it's important for us to participate

Clean energy has become increasingly important in recent years, as concerns about climate change and the depletion of traditional energy sources have grown. These projects are typically complex and require the involvement of various stakeholders (local residents, environmental groups, elected officials, etc.) Our modern, fit-for-purpose tools can help teams document and centralize the initial conversations and commitments.

Organizations can improve business performance by:

  • Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Centralizing Stakeholder Data
  • Managing Regulatory Compliance
  • Automating Manual Tasks
  • Standardizing Work Methods
  • Building Stronger Relationships with Stakeholders

What is Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Our clients have seen incredible benefits from using stakeholder management software - read their story

”We’re now spending more time doing what we should be doing – engaging stakeholders and addressing issues – as opposed to wasting time filing information and then searching high and low for this information later on.”

Energizing stakeholder engagement

Carefully documenting interactions to create a lasting corporate memory allows Enmax to reply instantly to stakeholder questions. Learn how Borealis improved access to information.


”The Outlook add-in and mobile app greatly help with field activities. It makes Borealis a handy tool for instantly recording and accessing information right in the field. ”

”From tracking one-on-one engagements to organizing and managing broad issues, CN has found Borealis to be an essential and invaluable tool. ”

Transport Use Case

”Instead of just reporting anecdotal success rates, we can easily present decision makers with clear figures backed with detailed records.”

Linking local activities to global SDGs
Enel Green Power Mexico uses Borealis to break down silos, share information more effectively, and simplify external reporting.
Building long-term stakeholder relationships in the rail industry
Centralizing stakeholder data in Borealis makes it easy for CN’s Public & Government Affairs team to quickly access contact information and a complete history of engagements.
Keeping stakeholders on board during highway redevelopment projects
Learn how a community involvement team uses Borealis software to keep stakeholders informed and communicate progress to the state DOT.

Borealis stakeholder engagement software is built for your long-term success

We’re committed to helping our users tackle tough issues and do what’s right over the long term. We work closely with our clients to make sure that as best practices in stakeholder engagement evolve, our software does too. Borealis software is updated 4 times each year as we develop new solutions and make it easier to use. Organizations that engage with stakeholders along linear assets typically use the following tools:

Learn how your organization can benefit from adopting stakeholder relationship management software


Infographic: How Borealis supports stakeholder engagement around land assets

SRM vs CRM software: What’s the difference?
The importance of environmental justice communities in stakeholder engagement strategies

Whether you are attending the conference or not

Connect with one of our account director to learn more about what Borealis Software can do for your organization. 


Justin Lagac

Justin Lagac, account director at Borealis, believes that working with clients requires the ability to listen, understand problems, and develop solutions. He takes pride in working for a company that promotes responsible decision-making and mitigating the social and environmental impacts of projects. Justin enjoys connecting with people from all over the world who share his values of integrity, responsibility, and collaboration.

Louis Lieutenant

For the last 15 years, Louis has helped drive many project outcomes through technology. He has also developed strong expertise in various sectors including renewable energy projects. His first goal is to ensure Borealis’ community of users benefits from the best solutions available to support their efforts regarding stakeholder engagement, land management, as well as broader social performance / ESG-related activities.