March 3-6 2024
Toronto, Canada

Borealis will attend PDAC 2024

For 20 years, Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Solutions has been helping mining organizations around the world improve business performance.

Our modern, fit-for-purpose tools help teams centralize stakeholder data, create reminder notifications, visualize engagements on a map, and configure custom reports to help our clients:

  • Ensure continuity of operations
  • Break down silos to improve information sharing
  • Report efficiently on stakeholder issues & priorities, and
  • Increase productivity when it comes to planning & monitoring engagement strategies

What is Borealis stakeholder engagement software

What our customers have to say


“The nature of my work has also changed – with so many mundane and repetitive tasks now being automated by Borealis, I have more time to devote to communities and to the agents on my team.”

‘‘The goal is for stakeholders to reach an attentive ear every time they contact Yamana, about any topic. Borealis ensures that everyone can monitor response time to be sure that appropriate follow-ups are provided.’’
“We act in a socially responsible manner and contribute to the communities in which we operate in order to make a difference in their everyday lives. We are committed to working with our employees and other stakeholders to create growth and prosperity, which allows all stakeholders to benefit from our mining experience.”

A Productivity Gain that’s Paying Off

See how a bauxite extraction project in the Republic of Guinea shaved time off its resettlement process with Borealis stakeholder engagement software.

Digging Deeper Supporting Responsible Mining with Data-Driven Community Engagement

Implementing Borealis helps Yamana centralize and structure project data si everyone can do their part from their own location – a practical solution for a dispersed team.

Getting closer in the Far North

See how Agnico Eagle is demonstrating its positive social impacts in local communities with Borealis stakeholder engagement software. 

Why do so many mining companies trust Borealis software for their stakeholder engagement data management?

Configured to your needs

Borealis is ready to go from Day One. As part of our proven delivery methodology, Borealis will configure the software to your specifications, import your existing data, and provide training as part of the Onboarding process.

Simplified reporting

The built-in reporting tools in Borealis make it easy to generate detailed reports for internal management, regulators, and lenders in just a few clicks. Analyze data by stakeholder type, date, location, or strategy.

Mobile App

Your work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Take Borealis on the go. Access and update your records in Borealis on the spot to minimize oversights and keep your stakeholder data up-to-date while the information is fresh. Scan business cards, attach photos to complaints, and enter voice recordings all on the go!

Expertise in the mining sector

We have worked for 20 years with mining peers globally. This level of experience helps maximize chances of adoption and demonstrate compliance (ICMM, IFC PS, TSM, etc.). It also ensure that our software is continuously upgraded to follow industry best practices.

No hidden costs

We make pricing easy with no hidden costs. You know exactly what you are getting—an unlimited number of stakeholders, communications, and projects.

ISO 27001 Certified

This certification allows us to continue offering our clients the most advanced, secure stakeholder management platform available.

Always scalable as your need grow
Borealis can easily be scalable to add new teams (investor relation, sustainability, social investment, sponsorship for example),or new projects start (Exploration, Development, Multi-sites operations, etc)

Always scalable as your need grow

Borealis can easily be scalable to add new teams (investor relation, sustainability, social investment, sponsorship for example),or new projects start (Exploration, Development, Multi-sites operations, etc)

Stakeholder management tools mining organization use to bring their stakeholder engagement to the next level

Francis Dupont

Francis has developed extensive worldwide expertise in stakeholder engagement information management and systems implementation over the last 13 years at Borealis.

Colin Walsh

Colin is a business developer at Borealis, specializing in helping organizations navigate the social and environmental aspects of their projects.