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Corporation with multiple sites
face specific challenges

Sometimes, leaders of large corporations have a hard time getting a good overview of their social and environmental performance. That’s especially true of corporations that have multiple sites.

The Head Office needs to standardize reporting for all sites to implement best practices for sustainability reporting, materiality assessment, monitoring activities and commitments, and for a multitude of other reasons.

By the same token, each site faces challenges of its own. Stakeholder engagement teams in the field shouldn’t have to reformat reports to meet corporate requirements. Not having to do so, frees resources to do what they’re uniquely qualified to do: manage complex relationships with local stakeholders.

Borealis stakeholder engagement software meets the need for corporate standard while keeping site-specific customization

The Borealis Corporate View add-on is an excellent solution for large corporations with multiple sites. Everyone works in the same unique database that tracks every change, controls user access, and ensures data security. Stakeholder engagement teams can choose the data entry method that best fits their situation. They can consult the database to help them in their daily work and automated reports will be sent to headquarters on a timely basis.

Improve Stakeholder Mapping and Management by Breaking Down Silos with Borealis

Take a look inside any large company that develops infrastructure projects and you’re bound to find a number of departments that are required to engage with stakeholders: community relations, public affairs and government relations, land and permits, and media relations.

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