October 26-28 2022 Melbourne, Australia

Borealis to sponsor the Iap2 Australasia conference

For more then 15 year our software has been used by public participation professionals from different sector across Australia but also all around the world.

Our stakeholder engagement software helps organisations improve business performance by:

  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Centralising stakeholder data
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Automating manual tasks
  • Standardising work methods
  • Building stronger relationships
    with stakeholders

What is Borealis stakeholder engagement software

What our customers have to say

” From tracking one-on-one engagements to organizing and managing broad issues, CN has found Borealis to be an essential and invaluable tool. ”

” We’re now spending more time doing what we should be doing – engaging stakeholders and addressing issues – as opposed to wasting time filing information and then searching high and low for this information later on.”

Use Case Australian Gas Industry
” Members on the Land Access team can use the Borealis mobile app to consult and enter information directly in the field, such as landholder engagements and discussions.”
Building long-term stakeholder relationships in the rail industry
Centralizing stakeholder data in Borealis makes it easy for CN’s Public & Government Affairs team to quickly access contact information and a complete history of engagements.

Energizing stakeholder engagement

Carefully documenting interactions to create a lasting corporate memory allows Enmax to reply instantly to stakeholder questions. Learn how Borealis improved access to information.
A solution for negotiating land agreements & compensation
Learn how an Australian gas company is using Borealis to manage complex land access negotiations, agreements, and compensation more efficiently – all with one single software solution.

Borealis for government administration

Since Borealis software is especially helpful for organisations who have a significant number of stakeholders spread out over large territories and across various jurisdictions, the software has seen its presence in the government sector rise as these organizations increasingly transition to digital processes. It provides engagement teams with the perfect solution to manage complex stakeholder landscapes, and to identify and proactively address risks, misconceptions, and concerns.

Benefits of using Borealis

  • Ensure diligent tracking of stakeholder sentiment, influence, and potential impact.
  • Understand local contexts.
  • Keep stakeholders appropriately informed.
  • Provide better public service through a user-driven approach.
  • Maintain a clear record of who did what, and when.
  • Measure and analyze efforts.
  • Coordinate teams in an efficient way.

Borealis for extractive industry

Since 2004, Borealis stakeholder engagement software has been helping organisations from the to safeguard their corporate memory by centralising stakeholder information. Borealis has supported the extractive sector globally from the start and continues to evolve to meet the sector’s needs. It is the only stakeholder management software to offer a single platform to manage stakeholder engagement, land access & management, social investment, compliance, and environmental monitoring data.

Benefits of using Borealis

  • Ensure diligent tracking of their stakeholder sentiment, influence, and potential impact on their company or project.
  • Establish a systematic and transparent grievance resolution process.
  • Demonstrate transparency and deliver quantifiable results for their social investment program.
  • Implement a fair & transparent acquisition process.
  • Simplify compliance with regulatory requirements.

Borealis for the utility sector

In the last decade, our popularity in the utility sector has grown considerably as organisations strive to comply with changing regulations and growing reputational risks tied to project management.

Large utility companies whose stakeholders are spread out over vast territories and across different jurisdictions, found that using a unique source of truth for all their stakeholders information, communications, and activities, has greatly improved their efficiency. It provides engagement teams with the perfect solution to manage complex stakeholder landscapes, and the structure to build transparent relationships.

Benefits of using Borealis

  • Preserve business continuity over the course of a project and after its completion.
  • Coordinate teams in an efficient way and maintain a clear record of who did what, and when.
  • Keep stakeholders appropriately informed.
  • Secure permits and environmental approvals.
  • Maintain proactive relationships with communities and landowners.
  • Measure their initiatives with performance indicators to better understand the impacts of their activities on stakeholders.
  • Ensure diligent tracking of stakeholder sentiment, influence, and potential impact.

Learn how your organisations can benefit from adopting stakeholder relationship management software

Stakeholder Engagement for Government: Best Practices
How the extractive, transport & utility industries can mitigate risk when working around heritage sites
How a stakeholder relationship management system can improve business performance

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Francis Dupont

Francis has developed extensive worldwide expertise in stakeholder engagement information management and systems implementation over the last 7 years at Borealis.

Bart Lambert

Bart has extensive worldwide experience leading and managing projects within various sectors such as the medical field, mining industry and new technology start-ups.