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Can you quantify your social license?

Borealis works in collaboration with your local team or preferred contractors to improve your stakeholder engagement processes and data collection. We improve reporting efficiency and accuracy with simple and powerful tools.

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Get actionable Stakeholder Engagement Plan with monitoring tool

Your stakeholder plan needs to be actionable and measurable.

Improve your Community Relations team organisation, performance and reporting

Borealis can facilitate your Community relations field work with powerful off-line tool and proven methodology. Collect your data seamlessly, send accurate daily/weekly reports to your management with minimal effort.

Refine and implement your Grievance procedure with meaningful indicators

With adequate indicators and proactive engagement, company resources are allocated to the address the most important issues.

Access your stakeholder data off-line in remote areas and increase the quality of your interactions

Switch your daily activity from firefighting to effective engagement mode.

Need help on the ground?

We support your field operations

Boréalis sends specialized teams out on the ground and partners with local companies to build expertise and help extractive companies with consultation, surveying, land access and other on-the-ground activities.

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