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Are you using the all the data you've paid for?

Boréalis is helping your company to define the data structure and data collection process for all your baseline surveys to maximise your investment and avoid continuous onerous resurvey.

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Increase data collection quality and compatibility with past studies

Our proven methodology and tools helps you to define your requirements and improve the quality of the data collected for your numerous Impact Assessment surveys and monitoring.

Organise your field survey team and contractors to get faster data collection

Asset Survey, Household Socio-Economic Baseline, Archeological and Heritage Sites, Health Impact Assessment, Livelihood Program, these are just a few examples of datasets that can be very powerful decision making tools if well organised.

Access and analyse the multiple baseline and monitoring data you paid for

On the other hand, it can be a huge waste of money if you don’t take ownership of YOUR data.

Use technology to fully engage with community and avoid survey fatigue

Need help on the ground?

We support your field operations

Boréalis sends specialized teams out on the ground and partners with local companies to build expertise and help extractive companies with consultation, surveying, land access and other on-the-ground activities.

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