Marketing Project


We are looking for a candidate who will assume the role of Marketing Project Manager in a business-to-business (B2B) context. 

Borealis offers solutions that address issues that client companies face in relation to social acceptability, social performance, regulatory and environmental compliance. We are a global company, having embraced the fully virtual model which means that you must be proactive and autonomous.

Duties and responsibilities

  • In collaboration with the Product Marketing Specialist, support the product definition and positioning and write content for our various social media (LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook) and our website. 
  • Participate in the design and coordinate the creation of various marketing tools (brochures, advertising, etc.) and promotional items; 
  • Participate in researching the competition and documenting the competitiveness of our offering; 
  • In collaboration with the business development team, monitor the quality of inbound leads in order to continuously improve our strategies. 
  •  Gather data to guide content strategy and SEO campaigns, analyze data to identify web optimization strategies and opportunities. 
  • Directing keyword research campaigns 
  • Find creative and effective ways to promote our product in a growing market (coordinate our participation in conferences, find presentation opportunities, participate in the creation and delivery of webinars, etc.) 
  • Write content to document the use cases of our tool (business case) in order to develop campaigns in our existing or potential segments. 
  • Prepare reports, charts, presentations and other strategic documentation. 
  • Participate in any other related projects or tasks. 

For this position, you must:

  • Be methodical and autonomous
  • Have excellent writing skills
  • Be able to take initiative and not be afraid to try
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Be able to manage your time AND stress (some periods are busier)
  • Enjoy teamwork


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, product management or business administration. 
  • Excellent command of English (ideally native) and a good base of French.  
  • Good knowledge of data analysis in Excel. 
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and other search engine optimization (SEO) tools; 
  • Knowledge of SEM Rush 
  • Proven track record in business-to-business (B2B) marketing for an IT company of at least 3 years; 
  • Experience in professional services firms (marketing agencies, consulting firms, software implementation teams, etc.)


  • Knowledge of CMS such as WordPress
  • Knowledge of a third language
  • Knowledge of design software (Indesign, Photoshop)

About Boréalis

Would you like to change the world, one customer ticket at a time? Want a greater impact on the planet and its population, beyond your recycling bin and your Prius?

At Boréalis, this is the actual impact achieved by the application we’re developing for our customers. And it begins with every interaction we have with them, which then reflects in the communities where they operate. The Boréalis Application counts nearly 3,000 users who are working toward social engagement and responsibilities in over 30 countries. We are currently the leading stakeholder relationship management software company, with 15 years of expertise under our belt.

If you believe this position suits you,
we invite you to reach out to our HR department