Community relations management

How to prove the value of your team’s work ​

Stakeholder Engagement is the core of the Boréalis Application

You are managing the community relations team of a worldwide company. You team members are located on different project sites. It is important for you to contribute to the success of your company.

You have had some early success using rudimentary tools such as Excel spreadsheets and a lot of the information relating to projects are memorized by your team members.
You may be facing some (or all) of the following problems:

  • Specific information is hard to find
  • The value of your work is hard to prove
  • Missed deadlines

It is probably time for you to consider using a system specifically designed to manage community relations.

Borealis - a stakeholder software for community relations management

Borealis Stakeholder Engagement software is dedicated to managing the complexities that are commonly found in stakeholder relations. Borealis software can easily:

  • Simplify data entry
  • Manage multi-site projects
  • Map and prioritize stakeholders
  • Record and monitor data and interactions
  • Coordinate your team’s efforts
  • Access insights
  • Generate report

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