Customer Service Intelligence

All Boréalis customers benefit from dedicated customer care business partners who oversee software implementation, onboarding and training. They can also optimize the software to meet your specific needs.
Partners in the long-term health of your stakeholder engagement programs
Our team has expertise in business strategy, geomatics and corporate social responsibility. We can help you solve even the most complex problems.

Implementation & onboarding

Get off to a great start.

How we get you off to a great start: Your Boréalis CSI partner will discuss with you your project timeline, goals, needs and challenges. We’ll review your requirements, current data, forms, business processes and stakeholder engagement objectives to configure your Boréalis software for your needs. Your Boréalis partner will also work with you to identify relevant existing data to upload into your Boréalis application. Once your Boréalis stakeholder engagement software goes live, you’ll be able to:
Collect high quality data and better leverage historical data to generate meaningful output

Modify workflows and user access as your programs evolve to optimize processes and information security

Set KPIs and measure performance of all your stakeholder engagement activities at the corporate and program level
Reduce manual work with AI-driven automation


Equip your employees with the skills to succeed.

How we equip your employees with the skills to succeed: Pre- and post-implementation training programs are available on-site anywhere or online for refresh. Speak with your CSI partner to come up with a training program based on your employees’ learning needs to maximize knowledge retention and ease change management. Our training sessions will:
Increase user adoption and engagement
Enhance productivity with tips and tricks picked up in class
Answer frequently asked questions
Improve processes and workflows with attendees’ feedback

Software optimization

Make the most of your Boréalis investment.

Make the most of your Boréalis investment. Your CSI partner will reach out to you regularly to assess how your Boréalis software is supporting your stakeholder engagement goals and user needs. Your CSI business partner will:
Help you evaluate onboarding and training requirements
Provide recommendations to support evolving business processes
Analyze user activity and offer advice to maximize user engagement and identify areas to optimize your Boréalis investment

Hyper Care – Community of Practice

Help is available, anytime, anywhere.

Help is available, anytime, anywhere. We offer a range of customer service options to meet any need. Best practice: Learn from other organizations and ensure consistent processes across your team Best user: Standardize your utilization and adopt new team behavior We support your global operations with:
Online help center for 24/7 access to answers
Professional phone assistance in English, French and Spanish

24/7 system monitoring by our technical support staff

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