30 November – 1 December 2023
Sydney, Australia

Energy Infrastructure & Community Engagement Conference

Engaging Communities for a Cleaner Energy Future

Clean energy has become increasingly important in recent years, as concerns about climate change and the depletion of traditional energy sources have grown. These projects are typically complex and require the involvement of various stakeholders (local residents, environmental groups, elected officials, etc.) Our modern, fit-for-purpose tools help organizations to improve business performance by:

  • Building stronger relationships with stakeholders
  • Tracking all community engagement activities
  • Centralising stakeholder data
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Automating manual tasks

What is Borealis stakeholder engagement software

What our customers have to say

Easier access to information means teams are now better prepared for discussions with landholders, improving negotiation outcomes.

Learn how an Australian gas company is using Borealis to manage complex land access negotiations, agreements, and compensation more efficiently – all with one single software solution.
“By using the mapping feature, we can map key infrastructure and attach photos and newsletters from past projects. That way, when new projects come along at that site, others can easily see what was previously done and when.”
Energizing Stakeholder Engagement
ENMAX can now instantly answer any stakeholder question. See how Borealis stakeholder engagement software improved access to information.
“Borealis has been incredibly helpful in elevating our relationships with stakeholders and rights holders.”

Amping up reporting with fit-for-purpose software

See how implementing Borealis software has helped Hydro One efficiently prepare environmental assessments, manage consultations with Indigenous communities, and facilitate reporting.

Powering project approval in the
renewable energy sector

“By taking the decision to choose a fit for purpose solution we’ve saved so much time! We would probably still be testing out other solutions or customization now instead of breezing through regulatory reporting.

Borealis stakeholder engagement software is built for your long-term success

We’re committed to helping our users tackle tough issues and do what’s right over the long term. We work closely with our clients to make sure that as best practices in stakeholder engagement evolve, our software does too. Borealis software is updated 4 times each year as we develop new solutions and make it easier to use. Organisations that engage with stakeholders along linear assets typically use the following tools:

Resources for organisations that are looking to improve their stakeholder engagement function

How stakeholder engagement can drive infrastructure project success

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage Stakeholders

Offshore Renewable Energy Projects: How fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement tools improve social acceptance

Whether you are attending the conference or not

Connect with Bart to learn more about what Borealis Software can do for your organisation. 


Bart Lambert

Sales Director – APAC Region

Bart has extensive worldwide experience leading and managing projects within various sectors such as the medical field, mining industry and new technology start-ups.

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