10 most recommended mining providers

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Boréalis makes Insights Success’ list of most
recommended mining service providers

Insights Success recently honored Boréalis by naming it one of the Most Recommended Mining Service Providers for 2019That’s a pretty big nod from one of the top business magazines in the world.Who are these leading mining service providers for 2019? Take a look :
  • Altum Technologies – offers software-guided power ultrasound technology to remove fouling from industrial equipment
  • Boréalis – develops data management software to help companies better manage stakeholder engagement, land access, social & environmental performance and more in order to secure social license to operate – provides claim staking, mineral exploration and mining consulting services
  • FD 4×4 Centre – specializes in light vehicle conversions
  • Interlate – provides real-time data analysis to create predictable outcomes, reduce operating risk and increase competitiveness
  • Softree Technical Systems – develops software tools for engineers working on corridor-based projects

A stakeholder engagement software deep into mining

Boréalis has a long and prolific relationship with the mining industry. For nearly 20 years, we have helped leading mining companies around the world secure their social license to operate. We provide them a single software platform for planning, engaging, measuring, and reporting the success of their stakeholder engagement strategy. We can also provide on-the-ground team training to quickly optimize results.

See how Agnico Eagle is using Boréalis stakeholder management software to make a positive difference to local communities and maintains its social license to operate.

Securing social license to operate through an integrated stakeholder engagement strategy

Over the years, Boréalis stakeholder engagement software has given key players in the mining industry the tools to:

  • Make a positive difference to local communities
  • Change the face of corporate social responsibility
  • Use real-time information to ensure compliance
  • Simplify community resettlement
  • Track environmental data
  • Secure social acceptance
  • Maintain social license to operate

We’re proud of our software’s game-changing capabilities, and honors such as being named one of the top mining service providers in the world is certainly sweet icing on the cake. But what we’re especially proud of is how far mining companies have come in accepting their social responsibility. It has been our great honor to have helped so many of them in this journey.

¡Comience hoy mismo con Boréalis para el software de participación de sus partes interesadas!