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Software security is an ongoing discussion within any organisation using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and with reason. After all, trusting a third-party with some of your business-critical data is a big deal.

When Forbes released the 2015 Fortune 500, we were thrilled to see that 2 out the 5 top listed companies are our clients. It’s definitely a nice pat on the back to know that some of the most successful and influential businesses in the world trust the security of our product. Security is always among the top questions we get from our customers and this is why we’ve decided to share our product’s security details.

The Boréalis application is a secure collaborative work platform that facilitates the management of large infrastructure projects’ social and environmental risks. It’s a powerful data management tool with apps available on desktop and mobile devices. Analytics capabilities help minimise the unexpected risks of our clients’ operations. We follow the SaaS delivery model but also support on-premises software deployment.

Security has always been and always will be at the core of our product. The fact that more and more large corporation are choosing our solution over the competition is proof of our product’s quality and security. Customers have strict security requirements and that’s why we work closely with them on security qualification processes. Collaboration with world-class corporations over the years has allowed us to develop a secure platform that complies with the highest industry standards. Our proven infrastructure maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of clients’ data in a safe environment.

Information security is a top priority for us at Boréalis. We built it into our system from the ground up and closely monitor and update the technologies we use. From software to our facilities and our staff who develop and operate the system, we’re committed to provide the safest environment to our customers.

Having 2 of the top 5 corporations in the world trusting us is a nice reward for all the hard work we’ve put into our product. If you’d like to know why industry leaders trust us with their business-critical data, get the Boréalis Security Infokit.


You can also find more information in the Security section of our website.

Sobre Patrick Grégoire
While working on a major pipeline in 1998 Patrick had the creative epiphany which led to the establishment of Boréalis. Companies were just starting to consider community and social risk as part of the execution of their projects - and the implementation of international social impact programs was still in its nascent stage. Six years later, Boréalis was born and rapidly grew into a leader in the Social Performance marketplace. Implementation of the Boréalis solution with global players in the natural resources arena validated Patrick's vision for success. For the past two decades, he has continued his leadership role in major infrastructure initiatives around the world - including pipelines, transmission lines, hydro-power, mines, oil fields, wind power, roads, port, and railway projects.