Boréalis Is Proud To Announce Its Partnership with Geomin, A First Partner In West Africa (inglés)

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Boréalis today announced its recent partnership with Senegalese company Geomin. For the Canadian-based software company, this first alliance in Senegal will bring new opportunities to mining projects that wish to operate in respect of best practices and international standards. This new partnership reinforces Boréalis’ presence in West Africa and will promote Corporate Social Responsibility among local mining projects.

Geomin is a strategic partner with a deep understanding of Senegalese and West African markets, in addition to its multiple contribution to studies in the sub-area. The firm offers support and strategic advising services for the private sector that are also suitable for governmental and international organisations working in geoscience and mining. Its multiple contributions to mining projects in exploration, planning and exploitation phases are directly linked to its good reputation for ethics and professionalism, thus making it a privileged partner for actors of the mining industry. Geomin’s vision and approach allow clients to benefit from a better base for their projects and to rely on a positive influence for operations throughout the project lifecycle.

With this strategic partnership, Boréalis wishes to develop its activities in Senegal, a country where it currently has no active projects. The West African country is currently trying to develop its mining activities and the combined expertise of Boréalis and Geomin will be of great contribution to this development. Both organisations hold many years’ experience working with mining and other similar infrastructure projects in their respective specialisation. This experience comes with valuable lessons learned that allowed them to improve delivery, but most importantly to gain incredible knowledge of local realities and specificities.

Reactions regarding the new partnership

“We’re thrilled to welcome Geomin among our partner network. This partnership will provide Senegalese companies and projects the opportunity to gain from our experience working on international projects and Geomin’s experience with analysis, prevention and mitigation of project risks in Senegal,” states Louis R. Lieutenant, Account Director for Africa at Boréalis. “We’ve been working in Africa for over 15 years and gaining a partner in a country where we are not active yet will tremendously reinforce our presence in the area.”

Moussa Sylla, Managing Director at Geomin, adds: “We wish to identify potential synergies with other projects that are developed by the numerous companies active in Senegal. Our strategy includes participation to events in order to promote responsible and sustainable mining practices.”

Fanta Cissokho, Business Development Director, clarifies: “The implementation of CSR processes during project development is vital to their success. Boréalis’ web application brings is a high-value complement to our service offer and this combination will be of a great advantage to our clientele.”

Mamady Touré, Design Engineer (Geomin), Louis R. Lieutenant, Account Director for Africa (Boréalis) and Moussa Sylla, Executive Director (Geomin).

About Boréalis

Boréalis offers industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Simpler communication with stakeholders is at the core of our product. The expertise we built into our solution equips decision-makers so they can measure, analyse, report, and take appropriate actions to follow-up on commitments and prevent crisis. Boréalis has a growing international client base of over 100 organisations that are now successfully managing their projects and increasing profits.

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About Geomin

Geomin is a Senegalese firm specialized geosciences and mining, engineering, impact studies and monitoring, governance as well as compliance and risk management. It mission is to assist, advise and lead mining projects in the exploration, planning, development and production phases to ensure operation ins respect of best practices and international standards.

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