Working Towards Sustainability for Projects in our Backyard: Canadian Malartic and Integra Gold (inglés)

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As an international company, we’ve had the opportunity to work on various mining, oil and gas projects on all five continents. A trend we’ve noticed everywhere is the pressure of communities on companies and projects to be accountable for the impacts of operations on the environment, communities and local economy. Canada’s no different and we’re always more than happy when Canadian companies contact us to help them keep social acceptance and carry out their projects in respect of best practices and standards.

Two major projects we’ve been working with in Quebec more recently are the Canadian Malartic mine and Integra Gold’s Lamaque Gold project.

Canadian Malartic mine: simpler community relations

For over 5 years the Fonds Essor Canadian Malartic (FECM) has been using the Boréalis application to manage its stakeholder engagement and social investments. Until very recently they were still running an older version of the application, which was still working fine but definitely not as intuitive and cutting-edge as the current version. Their migration to the new application is the last one they’ll experience. From now on, they’ll always access they latest version of the app, with automatic updates and enhancements requiring no effort on their side. They can even contribute to the product’s roadmap by sending requests for the features they’d like to the product team.

Integra Gold: Towards Sustainable Mining with Boréalis

The Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Verification is an initiative of the Mining Association of Canada to ensure that mining companies are responsibly operating throughout their projects’ lifecycle. A set of protocols and frameworks guide them for a responsible approach to social, environmental and economic performance. To be able to properly report on commitments, implementation, audits and more, Integra Gold turned to Boréalis and will begin to use our application in upcoming weeks.

We’ve been working closely with our clients for over 10 years to ensure their practices are sustainable and transparent. Contributing to our homeland’s responsible economic development is something we’re proud to be able to do.

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