Boréalis Partners With Teng Tuuma Geoservices to Promote Good Mining Practices in Burkina Faso (inglés)

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Boréalis today announced a second partnership in West Africa, this time with Burkinabe firm Teng Tuuma Geoservices (TTG). This partnership is happening a few months after the reform of the mining code and will contribute to the development and promotion of good practices for the mining industry in Burkina Faso; an industry that boomed over the last decade with the opening of 8 industrial gold mines and multiplication of small-scale production thanks to the rise in gold prices.

Teng Tuuma Geoservices’ mission is to offer mining companies quality geology, geochemistry and geophysics services, in addition to training for mining professionals on mastering and using modern methods and technologies to accelerate production of mining resources in Burkina Faso and West Africa. The firm believes that access to such guidance will allow the various actors to contribute to the social and economic development of the area, more specifically among local communities. It’s actually for this reason that TTG offers trainings not only for technical aspects, but also social and mining governance like health, safety, environment, and Corporate Social Responsibility including social acceptance and social license to operate.

Both companies swish to combine their respective expertise in order to offer training programs that merge know-how and understanding of local trends with technologies. Training session will be separated into 2 parts. First a series of theoretical courses on social responsibility and social license in the mining context, followed by a series of practical courses using the Boréalis application to apply learnt theories with a data management tool. Boréalis and TTG both have a very optimist vision of outcomes on the West African mining market. Besides, Boréalis also has another partner in the area since last October, Senegalese firm Geomin.

Boréalis and Teng Tuuma Geoservices comments

“From early discussions, we noticed the philosophy of both organisations is complimentary. We bonded during an important moment for Burkina while the country was undergoing a coup, events that reinforced that synergy,” says Louis R. Lieutenant, Account Director for Africa at Boréalis. “We’re hoping peace and stability will quickly return to Burikina Faso, that’s when we’ll get to work and develop our offer for various partners across the industry. It’s a privilege for us to be alongside TTG in such an adventure. We hope to make the most out of this collaboration and that our clients in the area to benefit from it as well.”

“We think the Boréalis application will be a great complement to the theories we share with participants to our training sessions,” adds Morou Francois Ouedraogo, Managing Director at TTG. “It’s quite easy to understand concepts like Corporate Social Responsibility and social acceptance of projects, but putting them into practice is quite challenging. The Boréalis Application will make it possible to shift from concepts to implementation to operations.”

TTG team
Some members of the TTG team: Davy Ouedraogo, Business Development Consultant, Francois Ouedraogo, Managing Director and Tibo Benjamin, Co-Chief Geophysics.

About Boréalis

Boréalis offers industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Simpler communication with stakeholders is at the core of our product. The expertise we built into our solution equips decision-makers so they can measure, analyse, report, and take appropriate actions to follow-up on commitments and prevent crisis. Boréalis has a growing international client base of over 100 organisations that are now successfully managing their projects and increasing profits.

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About Teng Tuuma Geoservices (TTG)

Teng Tuuma Geoservices is an organisation that was created by Burkinabe professionals in collaboration with Australian partners. The firm offers technical and scientific specialised training that apply more specifically to mining projects throughout their lifecycle. Training sessions are available for geophysics, geology, social acceptance, geochemistry, GIS, HSE and CSR. Though its I-TTG-O institute in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou, Teng Tuuma Geoservices will train technicians, engineers and managers so their equipped with sought skills for the development of the mining industry.

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