Por el 24 de abril de 2018 - New Features

It may not feel like it in Canada, but spring has definitely sprung. And it happens just in time for our latest product release!  Here’s a peek at a few of the changes and newest feature.


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Gain time in the stakeholder engagement module, thanks to these new features

Improved automation for duplicate management

The Boréalis Application already has a powerful duplicate management feature. But we thought it’d be nice to make it even better. The feature now considers more factors to identify potential duplicates, which will reduce the number of “fake duplicates.” Furthermore, it also recognizes nicknames to assess records. Have a record for Bob Delaney and Robert Delaney, who both work for Power Plant XYZ and share the same email? The application will automatically flag them as potential duplicates.

Other improvements to the stakeholder engagement module

You can now:

  • Create an issue from an existing grievance
  • Convert communications into grievances
  • Convert an individual into a staff member
  • Add a resolution time to issues


Intelligent stakeholder assessment – now even smarter and easier!

Properly assessing your stakeholders is one of the pillars to a successful engagement plan. And it can be a very complex process. To help you more easily and accurately assess stakeholders, we’ve made it possible to use just two (or more) predetermined axes to automatically quantify other axes.


The mail handler now reads email signatures to generate complete stakeholder records

Are you using our mail handler feature? Because it’s a big time (and trouble) saver for our users. And the best is that it’s available to all Boréalis users. But it just got even better: when you forward an email to the Boréalis Application, it now reads the content of signatures in the email.

This means that when you forward an email from a new person that contains a signature, the application will read its content and fill out the stakeholder record for:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address


Want to learn more about this product release? Please visit our helpdesk.



Sobre Carl Perreault
Carl es Jefe de equipo para el desarrollo de productos de Boréalis. Inicialmente se unió al equipo en 2012 como Desarrollador. Antes de su llegada a nuestra empresa, Carl desarrollaba un software en la compañía HTRC para mejorar la productividad y los procesos, además de reducir los costos operativos para las grandes empresas en el área de pulpa y papel. Durante los últimos quince años, él se ha desempeñado como Presidente del Consejo de Administración de dos ONG de la región. Cuando no está buscando nuevas funcionalidades para el software Boréalis con su equipo, Carl es el seguidor número uno de las proezas de sus hijas en patinaje artístico.