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Stakeholder Engagement Software for Public Affairs
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Expertly manage complex relationships
to support local and global priorities

Coordinate activities, communications and reporting at all levels of your business and across all levels of your organization and around the world in order to successfully influence issues that matter to your organization, customers and communities.

Build ethical & constructive relationships

Boréalis helps you identify and establish ethical and constructive relations with government officials, lawmakers and opinion builders.

Assess and map government representatives, support groups, industry leaders and activists that are pro or against your causes to form a thorough overview of your influencer landscape.

Develop plans and strategies by stakeholder group and link campaigns with tasks and workflows to coordinate lobbying activities and influencer campaigns across your organization. Know who’s doing what, and track progress.

Ensure transparency & analyze results

With Boréalis for Public Affairs, you can easily keep processes transparent, comply with lobbying regulations and analyze campaign results.

Maintain up-to-date communication records – meeting notes, emails, interactions on social media, commitments, shared documents, etc.

Prepare compliance reports that meet the latest guidelines.

See how your campaigns have shaped stakeholder sentiment over time and track the number of issues and regulations you have successfully influenced.

Stay one step ahead of emerging issues

Actively engage to stay abreast of rising issues and ensure your organization’s position is understood and accepted.

Automatically add new stakeholders and update communication histories to retain institutional memory, engage with relevance, and improve transparency.

Centralize all stakeholder engagement-related activities from your global operations for easy access at the corporate level.

Ensure confidential data is accessed only on a need-to-know basis.

Create credible, relevant messages that resonate with your audiences by having the history of all engagements at your fingertips.

Keep track of issues, engagement activities and outstanding commitments to ensure timely responses and follow up.


Empower public affairs and government relations teams with information and tools to develop long-term, trusted relations with stakeholders and manage hot-button issues effectively

Increase trust with credible insights and transparent processes

Successfully influence regulations, policies and discussions that matter to your organization, customers and communities

Get tips on establishing productive long-term relationships with government stakeholders

Get started with your Boréalis for Public Affairs and Government Relations application today!