Canadian Technology to Maximise Sustainability in Argentina (anglais seulement)

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The recent partnership signed between consulting companies Boréalis (Canada) and Rigou Consultores (Argentina) will bring a new technology for sustainability in Argentina.

The innovative integrated enterprise solution helps companies optimize their business processes and manage the social, environmental and economic impacts of their operations to achieve their sustainability objectives.

The Boréalis solution is already used by over 100 organisations worldwide to manage sustainability business processes such as stakeholder engagement, social investment, environmental monitoring, biodiversity protection and conservation, etc.

Santiago Sarachian, Senior Consultant at Rigou Consultores says: « The level of maturity in CSR and sustainability that we see in some Argentinean companies’ management requires enterprise solutions like the Boréalis system. As companies manage the sustainability of their operations in different locations, it is imperative to centralize and organize all their information in a simple and effective way. »

The Boréalis solution includes 10 modules and is organized in two main areas: Social Performance and Environmental Performance. The modules were developed according to international guidelines and standards, and best industry practices. The social axis includes modules to manage social investments, promote local employment, local business development, and relationships with stakeholders, develop social baseline, manage compliance and obligations as well as land access for resettlement and compensation. The environmental axis includes three specific modules to manage environmental monitoring and preserve biodiversity.

A distinguishing feature of the Boréalis software is that all modules are interconnected, allowing the integration of information from different programs and processes. Through continuous development and improvement Boréalis releases new modules and upgrades existing ones.

Benoit Froment, Director of Business Development in Latin America at Boréalis, says: « This alliance with Rigou Consultores is the first one of a long series of new strategic partnerships that Boréalis is looking at in Latin America for 2015. Such partnerships between local CSR consultants and an international technology supplier reflect one of the strongest trends in the market nowadays. Each partner can offer a more complete solution to their customers and develop their network quickly. »

Olivier Chaumont, Account Director for Argentina and Chile at Boréalis, adds: « This partnership has already shown results in Argentina where Rigou Consultores and Boréalis have attended joint meetings with potential clients. Customers are interested to have both the experience of a local consultant who understands their needs and Boréalis’ international experience with similar customers and issues worldwide. It creates mutual trust and credibility when to contract. »

Companies interested in the services or in the software solution can contact Rigou Consultores in Argentina (4797-6450, or Boréalis (

Benoit Froment (Boréalis) et Santiago Sarachian (Rigou Consultores).

About Boréalis Boréalis is a Canadian company offering industry-leading CSR software and on the ground services that help minimise the unexpected risks of our customers’ operations. Social responsibility and environmental performance are at the core of the product. More info:

About Rigou Consultores Rigou Consultores is an Argentinean consulting company offering professional and personalized assessment services in strategy, social responsibility programs, and sustainability for the extractive, forestry, automotive, and media industries. More info:

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