4 Levels of Maturity

How to improve stakeholder data management

Do you want to know how good your stakeholder data management is compared to others?

The 4 levels of data management for stakeholder engagement is a great diagnostic tool. It can be used to benchmark your stakeholder engagement activities against best practices gathered by Boréalis over the years. Boréalis community of stakeholder professionals operates all over the world in a large and small organization. Our clients come from various industrial sectors.

It is Boréalis’ experience that as the data management improves, the quality of the relations with stakeholders also improves. And the information gathered can be used more strategically to improve decision-making.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage Stakeholder

Still using spreadsheets to manage your stakeholder engagement data? Ironically, spreadsheets are still the most widely used tool for managing stakeholders

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