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Reasons why Communication Agencies choose the Boréalis stakeholder engagement software

Be the game changer your clients have been waiting for

Sure, Excel spreadsheets are still a key tool to manage stakeholder engagement data. But hasn’t it been time to switch to a tool that’s more up to date with our mobile and fast-evolving business world? With the Boréalis Application, that’s what you offer your clients (and your team!). An innovative tool that uses the latest technologies, integrates with other apps used by businesses and turns baseline and monitoring information into actionable data.

Reduce time spent structuring data

Excel spreadsheets can easily turn into a mess, especially when multiple people are working on the same document. With interactive forms that identify duplicates and use Google APIs to find locations, your team will spend a lot less time structuring gathered information. Imports also allow you to upload existing spreadsheets to the application.

Deliver actionable information that is interactive and usable

Of course, your clients are somewhat happy when you provide them with an Excel spreadsheet containing all the information gathering you’ve done for them. But really, what’s in it for them? Thousands of stakeholders linked to various indicators, gathered in a document that doesn’t provide place for further analysis. And the document doesn’t highlight insights that can be acted on right away either.

What if you could deliver information that your clients can actually use for further engagement, to identify trends and patterns, and to better engage with people affected by their operations? That’s what you’ll offer them with the Boréalis Application: custom dashboards, monthly performance reports, KPIs, etc.

Increase profitability

We want you to have your share of the pie. Through our partnership program, every new client you sign up for the Boréalis Application also means extra revenue for you. How does it work? Simple. You get a percentage of every client’s subscription to the application. The bigger your client is, the bigger you share is.

Another interesting way for you to increase revenue is through stakeholder databases. Let’s say that several of your clients are operating in Toronto, or in the state of Florida. Well it’s very likely that they’ll all have an impact on the same people, neighbourhoods, etc. What if you could provide in just a few clicks an up-to-date database of all these stakeholders? Wouldn’t that make you 10 steps ahead of the competition? And since price tag on databases is all you, you establish your margin.

Benefit from 15+ years’ experience in stakeholder engagement

We’ve been helping clients across multiple industries better engage with stakeholders and mitigate the impact of their operations for over 15 years. Working with communities in both developed and developing countries gives us a broader understanding of different stakeholder engagement contexts.

The cobbler’s children have no shoes…

Coaching your customers on stakeholder engagement is one thing, but if you’re not doing it for your own stakeholders, what makes you stand out from the competition? Build your team’s expertise and become the stakeholder engagement/data management expert your clients need.

Improve your clients’ stakeholder engagement activities instantly


Strategize Stakeholder Engagement Planning

  • Identify stakeholders with Google
  • Use stakeholder mapping tool and update engagement strategy accordingly
  • Classify stakeholders

Help Clients Make the Most of their Data

  • Draw a clear, accurate picture of reality
  • Turn inputs into insights with analytics
  • Become proactive instead of reactive

Ensure Clients Are Ready for Project Implementation

  • Track multiple projects at the same time
  • Display heat maps and report by project
  • Use baseline information to handle enquiries and donations

Increase Collaboration Between Teams

  • Bridge the gap between community relations agents and management
  • Teams from different locations can access project information in real-time
  • Keep delays to a minimum with improved decision-making