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Boréalis software supports aboriginal organizations in the management of their numerous issues, including:


Impact Benefits Agreements

  • Monitoring of the implementation of agreements
  • Monitoring of communications between various stakeholders
  • Support for the implementation of positive effect formulas

Land Claims

  • Management of qualitative and quantitative data regarding documentation of project
  • Cartographic and graphic presentation of data about current and historical land usage
  • Management of Comprehensive land claim agreements (CLCA)

Natural resources development projects

  • Management of the consultation process
  • Management of public hearings
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts

Public education campaigns on current and/or historical issues

  • Presentation supporting public education campaigns regarding historical and current issues

Treaty Land Entitlement Agreements

  • Organization and management of documentation regarding Numbered & Robinson Treaties and Modern treaties

Litigations judicial disputes

  • Organization and presentation of information to highlight legal significant aspects