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Ensure Transparency of Operations

  • Information always available for reporting and can be accessed in a few clicks
  • Easily spot non-compliance and take corrective measures
  • Monitor conditions and requirements
  • Easy reporting on sustainability standards
  • Monitor and measure local, regional and national benefits

Engage with Stakeholders

  • Manage all aspects of community development projects
  • Track and monitor initiatives for the communities
  • Measure impact through information across the value chain
  • Track commitments, people, engagements, communications, etc.

Make Sure the Efforts of All Teams Are Maximized

  • Better decision-making with an access to timely information
  • Measure, analyse and report on activities over specific time periods
  • Meet deadlines and budget constraints

Improve Work of Ground Teams

  • Mobile applications for the capture of information on the ground
  • Offline entries automatically sync when a network is available
  • Limit mistakes linked to multiple data entry
  • Monitor socio-environmental parameters, take corrective actions