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Engage with Stakeholders through Standard Processes

  • Identify influencers for each zone of the pipeline with stakeholder mapping
  • Link individuals to organisations, households, and more
  • Centralise engagement indicators and evidence
  • Standardise follow-up processes

Be Ready for Emergency

  • Position local stakeholders on interactive map
  • Keep up-to-date stakeholder contact information
  • Monitor operations
  • Identify impacted stakeholders in real-time
  • Ensure quick and efficient emergency response planning

Improve Operations through Efficient Monitoring

  • Implement inspection programs
  • Keep track of observations and non-conformities
  • Identify and implement corrective actions
  • Improve continuously

Save Time Working on the Ground

  • Use mobile apps to capture information on the ground in remote areas
  • Offline entries automatically sync as soon as a network is available
  • Reduce mistakes linked to multiple data entry