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Reasons why Transport companies choose the Boréalis stakeholder engagement software

Centralize your stakeholder data

While planning business considerations, many organizations fail to target the right stakeholders. And it’s an honest mistake: they just don’t understand their stakeholder pool well enough to identify the ones they should be focusing on. Using a an information management system to monitor your stakeholder plan will not only help you identify key individuals or organizations, it’ll also ease the planning of your business considerations. Plus, having a central repository holding all your business critical data unifies the level of information across your organization. Worried about data privacy? It’s all good, we though about this too. Different user levels means you only provide an access to sensitive information to the appropriate individuals.

Companies are ever changing organizations where staff come and go as time goes by. The Boréalis App is a great tool to ensure the corporate memory of all your engagements with your various stakeholders. Track all your communications related to government relations, public affairs and corporate affairs. It also gives you peace of mind: you don’t have to worry that critical information gathered over years goes out the door with employee turnover.

Structure your social investments

Being an organization has an impact on several communities also means that communities are expecting you’ll share some of the benefits with them. That’s where donations, sponsorship programs and other social investment initiatives all come from. Provide community members an online portal where they can request donations or sponsorships. The best part? This portal is directly connected to your social investment database, which updates their stakeholder information.

How can you really measure the impact of your donations? The Boréalis Application allows you to track, monitor and measure the impact of each social investment campaign. Plus, you can link donations to your stakeholder plan.

Want to stay away from donations that are tinted by conflict of interest? Simple. Your database contains that information with an up-to-date list of the board members of charity organizations, NGOs, or any other organization.

Reach the right authorities promptly

No matter how well we plan things, incidents and emergencies are a reality we’ve got to be ready to deal with. And in the heat of the moment, access to information on key individuals can save you a lot of hassle. Use the Boréalis software to efficiently reach the right authorities such as Mayors, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, and more. Plan your special communications with pre-packaged mailing lists and get confirmation of who read your messages with email read receipts. As your organization evolves, the history of your communications per stakeholder, per event, per company, etc. is automatically built.

Visualize all assets impacted by your activities

Your activities cover a lot of territory: railroads go across countries, shipping routes travel from coast to coast, and roads are developed networks that connect communities. Mapping all of this information enables you to build detailed Emergency Response Plans (ERP). Should an incident occur, you’ll quickly access data about which stakeholders and assets are impacted. You’ll be able to deploy your ERP efficiently and to the appropriate stakeholders.


Be Prepared for Emergency

  • Ensure quick and efficient emergency response planning
  • Position all stakeholders on interactive map
  • Keep stakeholder contact information up-to-date
  • Identify impacted stakeholders in real-time
  • Track operations

Improve Monitoring for Smoother Operations

  • Monitor observations and non-conformities
  • Implement inspection programs
  • Implement corrective measures where necessary
  • Constantly improve processes

Save Time For Field Teams

  • Mobile apps facilitate data entry in remote areas
  • Get your team working with a single and updated source of information
  • Offline entries automatically sync as soon as a network is available
  • Decrease errors related to multiple data entry

Standard Processes for Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify influencers for each zone of infrastructure with stakeholder mapping
  • Centralise indicators of engagement and evidence in one workspace
  • Link individuals to organisations, households, and more
  • Standardise follow-up processes