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Limitations of online engagement


To secure a social license to operate companies must be able to demonstrate two things:

  1. That it has made numerous attempts to reach projects affected peoples. (PAP)
  2. That is has used a variety of techniques to reach these stakeholders. 

Potential drawbacks on online stakeholder engagement

Having to weed through what could quickly amass to a pole of irrelevant comments can draw precious resources away from your project affected persons.


Achieving meaningful engagement

Real engagement is an empowering exchange that entails commitment on both sides. Experience shows that achieving this typically requires face-to-face negotiations, which can be extremely difficult – if not impossible to – achieve online.

Helping organizations take their social performance further.

Boréalis offers stakeholder engagement management software that minimize unexpected risks, ensure compliance, and secure social license to operate. Our solutions simplify communications with stakeholders. With over 5000 users in 40 countries, Boréalis is the world leader in stakeholder relations management software.