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The 4 maturity levels of data management for stakeholder engagement activities


Level 4

Strategic stakeholder data management

  • Management and business units use the stakeholder data management system to its full potential
  • Strategic and operational levels are being bridged by a stakeholder data management system.
  • The strategy now drives data collection which in turn will inform strategic planning
  • Structured stakeholder methodology is used to identify deficiencies and correct the situation

Level 4 organizations put in place concerted actions to improve stakeholder engagement. They have several leading indicators that can be used to proactively engage with key stakeholders.


Level 3

Formal stakeholder data management

  • Team leaders and management have a clear overview of the situation
  • The work done by the engagement team is documented
  • Some lagging indicators are commonly used
  • Report about open issues and commitments are populated with useful information

Some corporate staff and front-line employees still need to get onboard to fully exploit the capabilities of the stakeholder data management process.


Level 2

Ad hoc stakeholder data management

  • An Institutional memory of sorts is being created
  • There is no standardized data format
  • Information is gathered when it suits the team
  • It is still hard to determine the results of the engagement activities
  • The organization is still at the mercy of a few key staff

At the second level, organizations have to standardize their data-gathering processes


Level 1

Awareness of the need for stakeholder data management

  • No data is being logged
  • Team leaders rarely have a global view of the stakeholder landscape
  • Management rarely has access to hard data to guide decision making
  • Reports on the project’s main risks contain questionable information
  • Data deficiencies routinely lead to misunderstandings

The organizations at the first level of stakeholder data management have to start collecting data on a regular basis.

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