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The rise of stakeholder engagement

Changing corporate mandates

Faith in experts now exceeds faith in peers

Building trust is now the #1 job for CEOs

Business is now expected to be an agent of change

Lower level of trust

Only a minority of millennials believe businesses behave ethically

Media is now the least trusted institution

Millenials will change everything

The corporate governance foundation, which currently builds on the idea of only maximizing shareholder value, will come crashing down

A new foundation for corporations will arise in its place: it will build on the combination of trust with the values and beliefs of millennials

Consumers buy with social awareness

2/3 of consumers across international markets believe they “have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society”

Everyone, everywhere, has a voice

100% of the Millennial generation has access to internet in many of the world’s largest economies

By 2016, 62.9 % of the population worldwide owned a mobile phone, numbers that are quickly growing to this day

Helping organizations take their social performance further.

Boréalis offers stakeholder engagement management software that minimize unexpected risks, ensure compliance, and secure social license to operate. Our solutions simplify communications with stakeholders. With over 5000 users in 40 countries, Boréalis is the world leader in stakeholder relations management software.